How to Watch the 2021-2022 NFL Games Without Cable

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Giving up cable doesn’t mean forfeiting your football games. We’ve fielded some of your options for keeping up on this NFL season, so get ready to head back to the gridiron (from the comfort of your couch, of course).

What You Need

A smart TV is your best bet — though many of this season’s games will be shown on CBS, NBC, and Fox (not to mention Super Bowl LVI, airing on NBC next February), for the NFL Network and ESPN matchups, you’ll need an internet-connected device, which also includes a computer, smartphone or tablet.

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For Most Games

For many, streaming services offer a cheaper-than-cable option for watching live NFL games, as well as other standard television programming. Some of the most popular services are Sling TV ($35 per month), AT&T TV ($70 per month), fuboTV ($65 per month), and Hulu Plus Live TV ($65 per month). These services all provide the broadcast networks, but make sure you choose a plan with NFL Network too if you want all of the games. You can also check to see if the nonprofit Locast service, which broadcasts network TV over the internet, is available in your area ($5 monthly voluntary donation) to score a really great price.

For Thursday Nights


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This season, Thursday Night Football streams on Prime Video (plans start at $9 per month) while simultaneously airing on NFL Network and Fox (with the exception of Thanksgiving games, which will air on the broadcast networks). But next season, TNF will air exclusively on Prime, so plan accordingly.

Or Simply Antenna Up

No more wrapping tinfoil around rabbit ears! Modern antennas can pick up signals from far away and provide a crisp picture on your TV, so those games will look crystal-clear. For example, the Mohu Leaf Fifty (right) gives you 60 miles for $60 — more than enough to catch the broadcast-network games in your area.

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Cord cutters, you can still record your favorite shows — no “real” DVR needed! If you’re paying for a live-TV subscription to AT&T TV, fuboTV, Hulu Plus Live TV, or Sling TV, then cloud DVR is included (extended storage space may cost extra). In most cases, when you select a show, a “Record” option will appear on the info page. Choose if you want to record all or just new episodes. Either way, you won’t miss out on the many shows returning this fall.