Comedy Legends in the ‘Building,’ Marie Kondo Sparks Joy, ‘Generation 9/11,’ Jason Biggs Comes Knocking

Steve Martin and Martin Short team up with Selena Gomez as amateur sleuths in Hulu’s comedy-mystery Only Murders in the Building. Zen mistress Marie Kondo brings her organizational magic to struggling businesses in a new series. PBS profiles children who lost their fathers during the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks in Generation 9/11. Jason Biggs goes door-to-door playing trivia in a new game show.

Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, Martin Short in Only Murders in the Building
Craig Blankenhorn/Hulu

Only Murders in the Building

Series Premiere

Legendary comedy amigos Steve Martin and Martin Short team up with millennial fave Selena Gomez as true-crime podcast addicts who become amateur sleuths in a farcical mystery-comedy. (The first three episodes drop this week, with more following weekly.) Martin plays a washed-up actor who once played a detective on TV, Short is a has-been theater director who can’t help stage-managing everyone, and Gomez is a much-younger neighbor who may know more than she’s letting on about a suspicious death in their New York apartment complex. As they snoop around, they also produce their own podcast, which might not amuse the killer in their midst. (See the full review.)

'Sparking Joy' Star Marie Kondo
Adam Rose/Netflix

Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo

Series Premiere

Straighten up and unclutter your mind, because Marie Kondo is back for more life-enhancing lessons in how becoming more organized is a first step on the pathway to inner bliss. In a new three-part series, Kondo turns her expertise toward workplace environments, our homes-away-from-home (for those who still commute). While helping these businesses become more efficient, she’ll also select an employee to help clean up their mess, whether domestically or personally. Fans will also follow Marie home to meet her family and see how she practices what she preaches.

Courtesy of Arrow International Media

Generation 9/11

Documentary Premiere

The children impacted most personally and immediately by the tragedy of 9/11 are now young adults, and a new documentary profiles seven of these survivors whose fathers died on that fateful day, either at the World Trade Center, on a hijacked and weaponized plane or in the Pentagon. They share how their lives changed over the last 20 years, during milestone events and anniversaries, and where they are today.

9/11 One Day in America National Geographic
FEMA/Courtesy of National Geographic

9/11: One Day in America

Series Premiere

As the immersive you-are-there retrospective of the 9/11 events continues, survivors search for loved ones after being separated by the toxic dust cloud after the towers fell. In a second episode, first responders race against the clock to find and rescue a group of firefighters who were trapped when the North Tower collapsed.


Jason Biggs’ Cash at Your Door

Series Premiere

Who’s that knocking at your door, and why does he look familiar? American Pie star Jason Biggs headlines an offbeat game show from the producers of Cash Cab. As with that enduring hit, everyday contestants are taken by surprise when Biggs appears at their front door to put them through the trivia wringer. (They think they’re being featured on a show about their homes.) If they make it through three rounds of questions, they could win $25,000. The premiere is preceded by the second-season opener of Celebrity Game Face (10/9c), in which Biggs and wife Jenny Mollen are among the couples participating in wacky games and stunts, playing for charity.

Inside Tuesday TV:

  • Untold: Crime and Penalties (streaming on Netflix): The sports documentary anthology tells the colorful story of mob-connected trash mogul Jimmy Galante (an alleged inspiration for The Sopranos) who created a hockey team, the Trashers, in Danbury, CT and named his teenage son A.J. as general manager. What could go wrong? Besides all of the rough play, the FBI soon starts snooping.
  • Kevin Hart’s Muscle Car Crew (10/9c, MotorTrend TV): Hart is everywhere: hosting Celebrity Game Face, a Peacock talk show and headlining, with his “Plastic Cup Boyz,” this streaming series on MotorTrend that makes its linear TV debut with the first episode. It starts with Hart’s posse of classic-car enthusiasts seeking a builder to upgrade their autos and make their car club legit.
  • Miracle Workers: Oregon Trail (10:30/9:30c, TBS): Is the wagon train cursed? Preacher Zeke (Daniel Radcliffe) certainly thinks he’s being punished for his sinful private “bible studies” with Prudence (Geraldine Viswanathan) as calamity upon calamity strikes the settlers—and an unfortunate ox—as they approach a mountain crossing. And where’s a Western exorcist when you need one, because a young ’un looks awfully possessed, prompting Prudence to scold, “Now Levi, what did we say about praising Satan in ancient Latin?”