Blake Moynes Responds to Michael A.’s Flirty Comment to Katie Thurston

Blake and Katie on 'The Bachelorette,' contestant Michael A.

Just when it seemed like Katie Thurston and fiancé Blake Moynes could finally take it easy, one of Katie’s former Bachelorette contestants comes in and shakes things up. Recently, Season 17 fan-favorite Michael A. left a rather flirty comment on one of Katie’s recent Instagram posts, prompting a response from Blake.

“Can’t say what I’d like to…,” reads Michael A.’s now-deleted comment on Thurston’s Instagram post from July 30, showing her on a bed in lingerie. The post and comment were made before the Season 17 finale on August 9, meaning the single dad might not have known if Katie left the season in a relationship. She did not leave the season single but in a happy relationship with Blake after he proposed during the finale.

“I mean, I chuckle at it,” says Blake says of the comment in an August 10 interview with Access. “Listen, what I can chalk it up to is just assuming he was hoping or thinking that she was potentially single? Otherwise, it’s kinda a, a shady move! So let’s just assume that he didn’t think she was with anybody.”

It’s no surprise that Michael A. would have leftover feelings for Thurston, given how strong their relationship on the show was up until he decided to leave before Hometowns. He put his feelings for his son James before his own, choosing to go home after his son believed that he didn’t miss him. This came as a surprise to Thurston, who believed that he could have made it to the end. “All I’m looking for is to be in love and find my person, and it’s very possible that my person just left,” she said after his exit.

Michael even confessed during the July 26 Men Tell All episode that he would be open to picking up where the two of them left off, stating, “Katie and I just had this connection that happened right off the beginning, and looking back at it now, nothing’s changed.”

But Blake has nothing to worry about, as he and Thurston are enjoying their post-finale life living together. “For me, it’s not even about things I’m getting to learn, it’s actually getting to truly measure the progression of our relationship,” said Katie on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast. “We’re a lot stronger, our love’s a lot stronger, we know each other a lot more. It’s just fun to be able to kinda see of see it progress each and every time.”


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