Minnie Driver Says Her ‘Modern Love’ Episode ‘Will Make People Cry’

Modern Love Season 2 Minnie Driver
Amazon Studios

Modern Love‘s captivating tales continue with Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video and kicking off the lineup is Minnie Driver‘s episode, “On a Serpentine Road, With the Top Down.”

Driver’s character engages in an unorthodox relationship as the installment focuses on her bond with a vintage car. But it’s not just the car that draws her in, it’s the place she’s transported when driving.

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Plus, the pair teases light and heavy moments viewers can expect from their episode of the Amazon anthology.

“I could see it really clearly,” Driver says of the concept which relates her character’s connection with the car to her late husband (Tom Burke). “It was [something] that I wanted to watch… that’s going to make people cry, make them laugh, and make them feel.”

Her character is faced with the impossibility of letting go of her connection when she’s forced to sell the car. The herculean task is definitely fraught within a series of conversations as Driver’s character takes the car out for rides and confronts her grief.

“I just loved that this is where she speaks to this person she loved,” Driver notes. “This is her portal back to him. There was something so magical, crazy, sad, practical, and beautiful about it, that she’d figured out a way of living her life with this grief.”

Modern Love Season 2 Minnie Driver

(Credit: Amazon Prime Video)

The biggest issue is she didn’t “tell the people in her current life that this was going on,” Driver continues. This adds a layer of misunderstanding from her current husband (Don Wycherley) who is eager to get rid of the car that’s more trouble mechanically than it seems worth.

And while her character might be going through a tough time with this ordeal, driving the car for this installment came easily for Driver. “You have to learn on a stick shift in England,” she shares. “So I’d always driven a stick shift. They’re really sticky and difficult, but amazing when you get them warmed up and going.”

Despite the chill of her November shoot, Driver says, “Driving a convertible is so fun, and even though it was freezing, it all sort of added to it.” The actress hopes viewers have just as much fun watching the story unfold.

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Plus, the writer and director opens up about bringing Andrew Rannells' own story to the small screen in the Prime Video series.

“I hope they feel relief,” she says. “That we can share our pain and know that it will be met with love by those people that really understand us. Life does move on [even if] it’s the hardest thing to believe when you lose someone that you love.”

Modern Love, Season 2 Premiere, Friday, August 13, Amazon Prime Video