Paris Is Burning (in the Kitchen), HGTV Combats ‘Bland,’ TLC’s Funky ‘Feet,’ Summer Olympics

Paris Hilton takes her celebreality brand to Netflix to cook up something less than a storm. HGTV launches a colorful home-design series, while TLC tends to what ails our aching feet. The Olympics continues with track & field and beach volleyball among marquee sports.

Cooking With Paris Hilton on Netflix
Kit Karzen/Netflix

Cooking with Paris

Series Premiere

High on the list—or low, depending on how you rank these things (and I do mean rank)—of self-regarding celeb-utantes who live for overexposure is Paris Hilton, who’s taking her brand to Netflix for an ironic twist on a supposedly comical cooking show. Notably, she doesn’t invite the likes of Martha Stewart or Rachael Ray to observe or advise her on kitchen technique. Instead, she swans about, making messes even Lucy might envy, in the company of famous friends including Kim Kardashian West, Demi Lovoto, comedian Nikki Glaser, rapper Saweetie, and inevitably, mom Kathy and sister Nicky Hilton.

Mary Welch Fox Stasik of Breaking Bland

Breaking Bland

Series Premiere

Down with drab, banish the beige! A new home-makeover design series features Mary Welch, a veteran of New York interior design, as she tackles projects in Charleston, S.C., with an eye toward eye-popping hues and vivid patterns to spice up traditional dream homes. In the opener (premiering with back-to-back episodes), Welch adds a colorful kitchen and kid-friendly bar to a family’s home.


My Feet Are Killing Me

Season Premiere

The extreme podiatry series, a natural companion to Dr. Pimple Popper, returns for a third season of cases that may inspire you to soak your own tootsies in a bath of Epsom Salts to calm your nerves. In the opener, Dr. Brad attends to a patient whose calluses are covering literal horns growing out of his feet. (Pity the man’s socks.) And Dr. Ebonie attends to another with the dreaded toe fungus.

(Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

With gymnastics and swimming now in the rear-view mirror, the Olympics prime-time show focuses on track & field and beach volleyball, with a women’s volleyball semifinal covered live, along with finals in men’s triple jump, shot put and 110 hurdles. In prime time, USA covers more track & field live, CNBC covers the gamut from skateboarding and diving to canoeing, Olympic Channel turns to wrestling at 10 pm/9c and Golf Channel features the women’s second round starting at 6:30 pm/5:30c. (All times Eastern.) For complete information on what to watch, where and when, go to

Inside Wednesday TV:

  • Over Australia (8/7c, Smithsonian Channel): Armchair travel buffs get an aerial view of the Down Under continent’s Great Dividing mountain range with all of its magnificent cliffs, forests and diversity of wildlife.
  • MTV’s quasi-reality soaps Siesta Key (8/7c) and The Hills: New Beginnings (10/9c) sign off for the season. On the latter, Kaitlynn drops the bomb on Brody about her pregnancy, and worries about him coming face to face with Kris at the retreat. (Perhaps they should binge Cooking with Paris to chill for a minute.)
  • Dave (10/9c, FXX): Dave (Lil Dicky) heads to a famous recording studio to get past his creative block, but will his infamous ego get in the way?
  • Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami (streaming on Netflix): Documentarian Billy Corben follows up his 2006 cult classic with a six-part docuseries about the South Florida drug traffickers who eluded the feds for years, building a $2 billion empire before it all came tumbling down.
  • Short Circuit (streaming on Disney+): Disney animators create their own short films in a second season of mini-passion projects, including Kim Hazel’s domesticated Dinosaur Barbarian, Riannon Delanoy’s Songs to Sing in the Dark (set in a dark cave with great acoustics) and Liza Rhea’s No. 2 to Kettering, where laughter helps get grumpy passengers through a bus commute.
  • Marvel Studios Legends (streaming on Disney+): A new batch of informative backstory primers arrives to help Marvel novices catch up on the origins of Peggy Carter, the Avengers Initiative and the Ravagers. They’re all key elements of next week’s What If …? series.