‘Kevin Can F**k Himself’ Sneak Peek: Nick Is Done With Allison Stalling (VIDEO)

Kevin Can F**k Himself is getting closer to the moment Allison (Annie Murphy) has been planning for since the show debuted — to kill her husband Kevin (Eric Petersen).

In an exclusive clip for the season’s penultimate episode, “Broken,” Allison talks logistics with Nick (guest star, Gotham‘s Robin Lord Taylor). It’s all about timing when it comes to orchestrating Kevin’s death — at least that’s the way Allison makes it out to be.

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'Kevin Can F**k Himself' flips between broad sitcom parody and dark psychodrama in depicting TV's most unhappily long-suffering TV wife ('Schitt's Creek's Annie Murphy).

“Next Saturday,” she tells Nick in the clip, above.

“Next Saturday?!” he questions. “You know you don’t need an appointment. I could have this taken care of today.”

But today is too soon and not going to work for Allison who still has to sort some things out. “No, no, I still need a little more time to get a few things in order,” she says. “Next week I’m gonna go visit my mother in South Carolina which I do every year at this time, so that gets me out of dodge.”

Kevin Can F Himself Annie Murphy

(Credit: Zach Dilgard/AMC)

Allison further explains, “with me gone Saturday, Kevin’s gonna be in full bachelor mode, which means he’s gonna be blacked out by 11, and when he’s out, he’s out.” The goal is to “make it look like a robbery” in her absence.

While Nick seems eager to have the task off his plate, Allison’s laying out of the finer details doesn’t deter him from the job of taking Kevin out. But will he actually go through with it? Only time will tell.

“This scene is Nick at the end of his rope,” Robin Taylor Lord tells TV Insider. “The fact that he’s willing to work with, let alone put up with, someone like Allison — someone so completely opposite from him — shows how deep in the throes of his addiction he truly is. It was so fun countering Annie’s sweet, bubbly neuroticism with darkness and cynicism.”

Catch the sneak peek, and don’t miss out on the penultimate episode when it airs on AMC on July 25.

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