Sneak Peek: Can ‘Walker’ Cut It as a Stay-at-Home Dad? (VIDEO)

Walker returns tonight with our boy (Jared Padalecki) two weeks into his leave of absence from the Texas Rangers (“they were on a break!’) and lord, the kids must be exhausted. Not that we blame Cordi for wanting to step away for a bit. After the siege on his family ranch, the death of buddy Hoyt (Matt Barr), and the near-fatal shooting of brother Liam (Keegan Allen), a staycation is totally in order.

In this exclusive clip from the episode, entitled “Bad Apples,” hands-on parenting takes on a literal meaning as he urges August (Kale Culley) to put some elbow grease into sanding down a pair of wooden rocking chairs. Taking a break from developing early-onset carpal tunnel, the poor kid asks his pops what’s up with the extended hiatus and in true Cordell Walker form, he goes with a heartfelt answer about family while solidly deflecting the question.

Walker + Jared Padalecki

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

But we see you, Cordi! That longing look at your Rangers buckle before Stella (Violet Brinson) and Liam arrive on the scene is a sure sign that absence from the job is weighing heavily on his well-coiffed head. So how long do y’all think he can last before getting back into the action? And is he planning to put cushions on those chairs? Because they do not look that comfy.

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