Nat Geo Puts a Spin on ‘The Golden Girls’ Theme for SharkFest (VIDEO)

National Geographic is gearing up for its annual SharkFest and they’re celebrating the creatures in a very special way.

In a fun promo for the TV event, National Geographic is thanking sharks for being… sharks. The silly segment is somewhat an homage to The Golden Girls as the show’s old theme inspires a catchy new tune, “Thank You For Being a Shark.”

We have your exclusive first look at the promo which changes up the lyrics to the familiar music beginning with “thank you for being a shark, swimming ’round the ocean in the dark. You’ve been around so long but you’re still misunderstood.”

“You’re really not so scary and if only everybody knew,” the song continues. “You may be the coolest creatures in the sea and the whole wide world should say, thank you for being a shark.”


(Credit: National Geographic)

While Rose, Blanche, Sophia, and Dorothy aren’t anywhere to be seen, the clip highlights the various breeds of sharks that are featured in SharkFest’s lineup. As the “credits” roll, the promo shines a light on Nurse Sharks, Hammerheads, Tiger Sharks, Great Whites, and more.

SharkFest kicks off beginning Monday, July 5 with the highly-anticipated special Shark Beach with Chris Hemsworth in which the Thor star explores the oceans surrounding his homeland of Australia. Check out the catchy tune “Thank You For Being a Shark” in the exclusive video, above, and don’t miss National geographic’s stellar SharkFest lineup this July.

SharkFest 2021, Begins Monday, July 5, National Geographic