The ‘B&B’ Scenes That Snagged Courtney Hope Her First Emmy Nom

Courtney Hope of Bold and the Beautiful - Daytime Emmys 2021
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Courtney Hope calls Young and the Restless her home nowadays but the actress is nominated for a 2021 Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her work as Sally Spectra when that character was on Bold and the Beautiful last year.

In 2020, Sally, having been dumped by Wyatt (Darin Brooks) not once but twice (really, Wyatt?), concocted a scheme to fake a terminal illness with the help of a doctor pal. Sally hoped Wyatt would dump his girlfriend Flo (Katrina Bowden) and return to her, and they’d live happily ever after. Sally’s scheme was exposed (as they almost always are on daytime drama) and she left Los Angeles to start her life over again in Genoa City, Y&R’s locale.

TV Insider chatted with Hope about her nomination and why she selected the scenes she did. Off-camera, she and General Hospital star Chad Duell (Michael) are engaged to be married and we couldn’t let help but ask her a burning question about her fiancé too! Read on for the scoop!

Congrats on your nomination!

Courtney Hope: Thank you so much. I was in my dressing room when I found out. I’d just gotten back from shooting a scene and then Eva [Basler, VP of Communications at B&B] called me with the best news ever!

How’d you celebrate?

I got really excited in my room, talked to a bunch of people on the phone. One of my best friends and I went out and celebrated and then, I got back to work.

Courtney Hope, The Bold and the Beautiful

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What’s the story on your reel?

I really wanted to get the story across in its entirety the best I could. The first scene is with Heather Tom (Katie) and Sally at her doctor’s where she finds out that she’s dying. Then, there’s a scene where Flo finds out that Sally’s lying and she admits it and says why. The third scene is after Wyatt saves Flo, Sally confronts them and is completely honest, and then, she passes out. The last scene is after Sally wakes up and Wyatt says he forgives her but he thinks she needs to leave town.

Why did you choose those scenes?

I felt really drawn to those scenes even when I was doing them. I was proud of what everyone did in the storyline. It was a whirlwind, then, we had a shutdown due to the pandemic and then, we came back to work and finished it.

Did you, Courtney, know that Sally wasn’t really dying when you taped her finding out the news?


Would you have played it differently had you known it was the start of a ruse?

I probably would have played it a little differently, but not to a huge degree because Sally had to sell it. I’m glad it was done that way because the truth is that Sally was sick. She was under a lot of stress and wasn’t feeling well. It all worked out for the best and I think it enriched the story especially at the beginning.

How did you feel about Darin being nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series?

I was so excited. I was so thrilled. I immediately texted him. He deserves this and so much more. He’s amazing as a human being and as an actor. He’s a great scene partner. I think what we created was the bread and butter of the story. Both us put the time and effort into a whirlwind of a romance. .

Are you familiar with your fellow nominees?

Yes. I know Carolyn Hennesy [Diane, GH] and I’ve seen the other actresses’ work. They’re all fantastic. I’m so thrilled and honored to be a part of it all and be with them in the same category.

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I have to ask you a burning question about GH that you might have the answer to.


When’s Chad getting a haircut?

[Laughs] Oh, no! Never! I love his hair. I refuse to have him cut it – not that it’s my choice!

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