Can’t Wait for the Tokyo Games? Dive Into ‘Head Above Water’

Head Above Water

Need something to tide you over until the Tokyo Games? Dive into the docuseries Head Above Water, about elite Australian swimmers.

Hoping to make the national team are reigning Olympic champion Kyle Chalmers, two-time Olympian Bronte Campbell, and pop star Cody Simpson, a former competitive swimmer who’s now returning to the pool.

As those three work furiously to shave precious seconds off their race times, battling injuries and intense pressure, retired five-time Olympic gold medalist Ian Thorpe (or “Thorpie,” as he likes to be called) provides unique perspective from the point of view of an athlete who walked away at the height of his incredible career.

Kyle Chalmers

Kyle Chalmers (Credit: Mark Brake/Getty Images)

Through interviews and footage of the swimmers’ training sessions, the series reveals the real people behind the athletes on TV: We see their hopes, insecurities, and intense drive.

“I love pushing myself to the absolute limit,” says Chalmers (above). “Like, I love pain. I think I’m addicted to pain.” Candid moments like that are (Olympic) gold.

Head Above Water, Original Docuseries, Available Now, Amazon Prime Video