Owen Wilson on the ‘Ongoing Chess Match’ Between Mobius & ‘Loki’ (VIDEO)

Sure he’s worked his way through fantastic worlds like Night at the Museum and brought his cutting charm in Wedding Crashers but stepping into the world of Marvel is new territory for actor/writer Owen Wilson, who is currently starring alongside Tom Hiddleston in the Disney+ series, Loki.

It’s definitely a new arena to play in for Wilson, and there were surprises along the way, he tells TV Insider. “When we started filming, I was not aware just how devoted the fanbase was and the sort of secrecy that Marvel wants to try to protect the stories so they can surprise people,” he says.

Another thing he wasn’t completely sure about was how time works in the series, which finds Loki (Hiddleston) being captured by the Time Variance Authority (TVA) for his bouncing through time — and messing up the sacred timeline — with the Tesseract that he stole in the 2019 film Avenger’s Endgame. “There was a whole sort of encyclopedia on the TVA and the way that time kind of works and it’s complicated. I had a lot of questions,” he details.

Agent Mobius — who first appeared in the Fantastic Four #353 comic book in 1991 — has his own objectives in enlisting Mobius to help track down a serial killer who is also bouncing through time. But does the seemingly straight-laced Mobius have his own skills in manipulation that he could employ to out-manipulate Loki? “I think so,” Wilson says. “I think that it’s sort of an ongoing chess match between Mobius and Loki. I’m really trying to get him to serve my agenda.”

Even with all of that unmistakable on-screen chemistry between Wilson and Hiddleston, trust may still be hard to come by from either side. “I think there is sort of an appreciation and a grudging respect when you’re sort of stuck with someone the way they seem to be with each other,” he notes.

Check out the video interview above.

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