10 ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Bloopers & Fails We Could Watch Again and Again (VIDEO)

Vanna White and Pat Sajak
Wheel of Fortune's Vanna White and Pat Sajak.

Listen, it must not be easy to be a Wheel of Fortune contestant. There’s big money on the line, you’re competing against two other people and the clock, you’ve got cameras and bright lights in your face, and you just don’t want to make a fool of yourself in front of Pat Sajak and Vanna White—let alone the millions of fans watching from home.

Unfortunately, some Wheel of Fortune contestants let the pressure get the better of them, offering answers so bad and bizarre you wonder if it’s their brains that have gone bankrupt.

Then again, sometimes it’s Sajak who makes a blunder, as you’ll see below. Here are some of our favorite Wheel of Fortune bloopers and fails…

The best buttercup


In the latest Wheel of Fortune fail, poor Matt guessed “the best buttercup,” apparently not seeing the three N’s already on the board.

Frankly speaking

In April, Sajak totally gave away the bonus round answer during his idle chit-chat with a contestant.

Not so magical

Poor Zach had almost every letter revealed during his bonus round… and still missed the mark. As his 10 seconds ticked by, he started trying every consonant he could think of, only chancing upon the right answer after the buzzer.

Mythical hero who?

To be fair to Julian, Greek mythology isn’t commonly taught in school these days. Who could fault the guy for having the word “Achilles” as his, ahem, Achilles heel?

Naked mistake

Poor Kevin must not have heard of Tennessee Williams. Sajak quipped that he’d rather see the stage play that Kevin apparently had in mind: A Streetcar, Naked Desire.

Quite the “surprise”

This clip—apparently uploaded by the contestant’s own child—features both a blooper and a fail. After spinning the wheel and narrowly missing the “Surprise” wedge, Bob hits the podium in frustration and unwittingly moves the wheel. But then he whiffs on what should have been an easy win…

At least he got the “cabinet” part…

Paul Atkinson walked away from Wheel of Fortune with only $2,000—even after landing on the $1 million wedge—because he the solution “Corner curio cabinet” like “Corn-o cur-o cabinet.”

Ripe-a for parody

These gents must not have watched much daytime television before they took a spin on Wheel of Fortune, considering they butchered both Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa’s names.

Pushing the wrong answer

In one memorable 1999 installment, a contestant named Joseph apparently thought Wheel of Fortune wasn’t family-friendly entertainment.

Sneaking past the right answer

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is ruined forever for this hapless contestant…

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