‘The Bold Type’ Stars on Richard’s Shocking News for Sutton, [Spoiler]’s Exit & More

The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 2 Kat Sutton Jane
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for The Bold Type Season 5, Episode 2 “The Crossover.”]

The June 2 episode is a tough one for Sutton (Meghann Fahy), who spends the hour nervous about seeing her estranged husband Richard (Sam Page) again after learning he’ll be in the city. Sadly, however, meeting up doesn’t go as planned.

Meanwhile, Jane (Katie Stevens) takes responsibility for a mistake made following inconsistencies in a story about workplace abuse … just as her boss, Jacqueline (Melora Hardin), has her present her vertical, the Failing Feminist, at an ads sale conference.

And Kat Edison (Aisha Dee), in an attempt to help an old classmate who’s having trouble getting a job because she’s an ex-felon, comes up with an idea that leads to her reaching out to her ex-girlfriend, Adena (Nikohl Boosheri).

Read on as the stars break down these major moments, as well as a bittersweet farewell, in “The Crossover.”

Is There Hope for Sutton and Richard?

It’s a crushing blow for Sutton when she walks into the lobby of her and Richard’s old building to find he’s sent a friend to deliver the news that he wants a divorce. “She was really taken aback by that,” Fahy tells TV Insider. “Now, she has to pick up the pieces and move forward without him.”

To make matters worse, he’s said she can take whatever she wants from the apartment. Her response? She doesn’t want anything. “It’s very hurtful for him to not have shown up and face-to-face confronted her about it,” Fahy continues. “So I think that her reaction to that was sort of probably just from a place of feeling really hurt.”

What complicates the matter is that there isn’t a question of whether or not the two want to be together. “They really both love each other and really want to be with each other, but they want very different things,” she says. (He wants kids, she doesn’t.) “So it’s a lose-lose situation in some ways because of that.”

The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 2 Sutton

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But Richard will be back at some point, so the exes will come face-to-face. “The only thing that I can say is there is a resolution ultimately at the end of the fifth season and it is something that I feel like is authentic to both of the characters,” Fahy teases. “Sam and I were pretty vocal about what we felt strongly about in terms of the relationship and how they would handle it together.”

Rather than see Sutton attempt to move on from Richard and start dating, viewers will see her figuring out who she is and what she wants in her life. “We get to see Sutton go to therapy, which I’m really excited about so that she can sort of start to unpack some of her trauma from her childhood and why she might be drinking a little bit too much,” Fahy previews. “It’s pretty incredible to see her as a character have the idea on her own and take the steps necessary to get herself there and follow through.”

Despite getting a bit distracted by Richard, Sutton has been killing it at work (including with the presentation for that conference). “It’s just really pleasing as an audience member to see her finally get the recognition that she’s been craving for the first four and a half seasons,” the star admits. (Sutton went from assistant to stylist since the beginning of the series.)

Kat and Adena, Reunited?

After a reminder of what Adena’s photos mean — they make you want to hear the story of the person in them — Kat reaches out to her in hopes that she can help tell her friend’s story.

The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 2 Kat

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“This season is really about them coming together to really overcome some of the challenges that they’ve faced over the course of the entire series. They work together to create the change that they both want to see in the world and they’re trying to kind of navigate a friendship,” Dee previews. “What does a friendship with your ex look like? How can they be supportive of one another in that way, despite the fact that they have this really long and complicated history?”

That work is going to include seeing more of Kat’s social game. (She may no longer be working social media at Scarlet, but she hasn’t stopped using her skills to try to help people.) “That’s something that Kat and Adena are going to kind of collaborate on,” Dee says.

But while collaborating, might that also lead to the exes reuniting? The series is, after all, ending in four more episodes. But might whatever secret Adena has, as teased in the logline for Episode 3, get in the way? “Someone who is very important to Adena is in town, and Kat is going to meet them” is all Dee can say.

Whatever happens, get ready to see some changes in Kat’s life. “It’s been fairly well established that Kat has some kind of commitment issues. We’re going to see Kat’s personal life and her professional life kind of start to mirror one another,” Dee previews. “The choices that she’s making in her professional life are going to bring light to the way that she kind of moves through the world in her relationships as well.”

The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 2 Jane Jacqueline

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Jane’s Future at Scarlet

As Jane learns in “The Crossover,” her source for her workplace harassment story lied and told her coworker’s story, and that person insisted on remaining anonymous. She has to print a retraction. Despite Jacqueline advising against it and what it could mean for her reputation at this point in her career, Jane owns up to her mistake when she takes the stage at the ad sales conference. However, there is a silver lining: The truth does come out, and the target of Jane’s investigation is suspended by the end of the episode.

But might there be fallout for Jane, her vertical, or Scarlet? “We’re going to see that that advice that Jacqueline gives is for a reason because she has been an editor for many, many years,” Stevens says. “The truth is the most powerful thing, and Jane learns that by seeing that what she did was the right thing.”

As a result of this, Jane has to decide what kind of leader she wants to be at Scarlet. “Being a future leader doesn’t mean being exactly who Jacqueline is,” according to Stevens. Instead, “how do I take what Jacqueline has taught me and apply it and become a leader in my own right? What does a leader look like on Jane? We’re going to see her navigating that and navigating how she can be her own person and have her own mark on the industry and the role of being a leader.”

The Bold Type Season 5 Episode 2 Alex Sutton Kat

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Farewell to Alex

Scarlet does bid farewell to one of its own, writer Alex (Matt Ward), though he’s not going too far. He takes a job a few floors down at Pinstripe, so he’s not out of their lives (just offscreen). And Jacqueline throws him quite the goodbye party.

“That was a very sad episode to shoot,” Stevens recalls. “It was emotional to film. It’s emotional to watch. Matt Ward is incredible and has become such a close buddy of mine, and I loved to have that brother-sister dynamic.”

For Dee, the experience was one she’s gotten a bit used to filming the Freeform series. “I got way more emotional than I thought I would filming that,” she admits. “That seems to happen to me a lot with this show. I always go into it thinking I’m tough and nothing fazes me.”

“That was sort of our first big goodbye during the final season and we were all really emotional about it,” Fahy adds. “We’ve been through so much as a cast over the course of four, almost five years since we shot the pilot and we’ve spent nine months away from our families in Montreal shooting the show, and so the cast really does become your family. Saying goodbye to him on that day was really emotional, but sort of wonderful and exciting because the relationships are the things that we’ll get to keep. The work environment is the thing that’s going to change.”

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