Fall TV Math: The Equations Behind 20 New Shows

Damian Holbrook

Fall Formulas

If you think elements of new fall shows look familiar, you...might be right. Some of the latest shows reboot, recycle, rehash or reinvent bits of shows (or movies or familiar tropes) to come up with with what's on air. (A Little Bit of This) plus or minus (A Little Bit of That) equals One New(ish) Show.

See what combinations make the newest crop of fall TV series.

The Muppet Show x The Office = The Muppets

Arrow + The Flash x Equal Rights = Supergirl

The Fugitive x √Homeland x Grey’s Anatomy = Quantico

Glee – music + Scream x Fashion Week = Scream Queens

Uncle Jesse + Baby Boom = Grandfathered

Kevin Arnold + Chris Traeger + My Cousin Vinny x 0% of the Grindr app = The Grinder

Alias – memory + Ink Masters = Blindspot

The Running Man + bookies = The Player

Minority Report the movie – Tom Cruise = Minority Report

Modern Family – bitchy passive aggression = Life in Pieces

Dallas + Revenge – Nolan = Blood and Oil

Adderall + The Mentalist ÷ Limitless the movie - 90% Bradley Cooper = Limitless

Felicity – mood stabilizers + Smash = Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Neil Patrick Harris + I Survived a Japanese Game Show – fun = Best Time Ever

Chicago Fire + Chicago PD + stethoscopes = Chicago Med

Sue Sylvester x vodka – track suits + wings = Angel from Hell

Becker + Senor Chang + a deafening laugh track that tries too hard = Dr. Ken

ER + bad lighting – Clooney = Code Black

½ Castle + Miami x any USA network show from 2010 = Rosewood

Perfect Couples x Yes Dear + [Friends with Better LivesRules of Engagement] = Truth Be Told

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