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The Republic of Sarah

The Republic of Sarah - The CW


Rebellious high school teacher Sarah Cooper vows to stop a mining company from destroying her town.

Matt Roush

Matt Roush says...

Preachy and preposterous, this fanciful drama about a small New Hampshire town that declares its independence from the United States of America earns some points by not making its heroine a superhero, ninja, witch or other supernatural creature, making Sarah Cooper (Stella Baker) something of a CW outlier. She’s merely a high-school history teacher, whose mantra is, “Ordinary people can do extraordinary things.” She’ll be forced to practice what she teaches when she leads the charge against a mining company that’s plotting with local and state officials to uproot many of the locals so they can strip-mine a precious ore used for high-tech. Awkwardly, Sarah’s long-absent brother (Luke Mitchell) is one of the smug suits conniving to wipe the town of Greylock off the map. Speaking of maps, when Sarah realizes the town was never formally incorporated into either the U.S. or Canada, she puts it up for a vote and Greylock becomes its own country. At least they didn’t storm the Capitol.

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