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Stories of people who brew their shine and the authorities who try to keep them honest.

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2011– Reality Series 13 Seasons401 Episodes

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Friday, July 26

Tickle's Restaurant

Season 13 • Episode 9

Tickle and Carol open their new restaurant while Tickle contends with conflicting priorities.

Friday, July 26

Boldest Bootleg

Season 13 • Episode 10

When the creek runs dry, Jerry designs what he hopes will be a revolutionary waterless still.

Friday, August 2

The Grapes of Grappa

Season 13 • Episode 11

Mark and Digger challenge Amanda to distill brandy and grappa from the same grapes.

Friday, August 2

Carolina Crash Course

Season 13 • Episode 12

Mark and Digger invent a patriotic corn whiskey recipe using red, white and blue corn.

Friday, August 9

Shine Pods

Season 13 • Episode 13

Mark and Digger enlist Amanda to innovate a product they can sell for $5 a shot.

Friday, August 9

Don't Call It Crapple

Season 13 • Episode 14

Josh proposes the crew make carrot-apple moonshine to raise the $8,000 needed to reopen.

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