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Irreverent - Peacock






A criminal from Chicago is forced to hide out in Far North Queensland and pose as a church reverend.

Matt Roush

Matt Roush says...

Colin Donnell, the appealing former star of Chicago Med, trades scrubs for an ill-fitting clergyman’s collar in a quirky dramedy that feels like a cross of Ozark and a Down Under Northern Exposure. (The 10-episode first season is available for binge-watching.) Donnell is Paolo, a fixer for the Chicago mob who flees the Windy City after a deal goes murderously South and heads to the other side of the world. Circumstances strand him in an oddball beach community called Clump in the far north of Australia’s Queensland, where he’s forced to take refuge in the guise of the Reverend Mackenzie “Mack” Boyd. Heaven help the locals, and say a prayer for Mack if the mob’s enforcers ever blow his cover.

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