‘Chicago Med’s Colin Donnell to Lead the Cast of Peacock Crime Thriller ‘Irreverent’

Colin Donnell
Nathan Johnson

Colin Donnell is back in the NBCUniversal family with his next role.

The Chicago Med and Arrow star is set to lead the cast of Peacock’s crime thriller Irreverent (a co-production between Peacock and Netflix Australia). The 10-episode drama also stars PJ Byrne, Kylie Bracknell, Briallen Clarke, Tegan Stimson, Ed Oxenbould, Wayne Blair, Russell Dykstra, Calen Tassone, and Jason Wilder.

Irreverent is described as “a fish out of water drama” with criminal mediator Paulo Keegan (Donnell) — who keeps the peace between organized crime families in Chicago — at the center of it as he leaves the U.S. after a mediation goes wrong. Taking on the identity of Reverend Mackenzie “Mack” Boyd, he ends up trapped in the small, eccentric beach town of Clump, Australia, which is hundreds of miles away from civilization and phone reception. To stay alive, he has to make the town think he’s a devoted reverend — all while looking for a way out before his past catches up to him.

Byrne stars as Mackenzie Boyd, a church reverend in Chicago who never ruffles any feathers. He meets Paulo on the flight to Australia — after his wife leaves him — and “runs off with his money in a bid to inject some adventure into his predictable life.” He then leans on Mack for support.

Bracknell plays gifted cop Piper who returns to her hometown and old boyfriend Aidan. She suspects the new reverend might not be who he appears. Clarke is Piper’s childhood best friend Amy, but it might not be so easy to get that friendship back now. She and Mack become close.

PJ Byrne, Kyle Bracknell

Courtesy of Peacock; Sally Flegg

Stimson’s Daisy is a local teenager, whose mother has died and father is in prison. She lives in the Manse with Mack and is his key confidant and unlikely partner-in-crime. Daisy’s best mate is Oxenbould’s Cameron, who will help anyone anytime and gets in trouble due to his passion for car engines.

Local dentist Peter is played by Blair. He’s devoutly religious and has wanted a new Reverend for years. He’s trying to help his wife at home with Multiple Sclerosis in all the wrong ways. Dykstra plays Lester, a proprietor of the local bar and the soulmate of Amy’s father Victor. He’s dreaming when he thinks he can bring wealth and prosperity to the town via tourism.

Tassone’s Harry is Piper’s brother and Aidan’s best mate. He knows virtually every secret in the town as the barman — and worries about the chemistry between Piper and Mack. Wilder plays self-taught marine biologist Aidan, described as “totally alluring and lovely.”

Paddy Macrae is showrunner, creator, and writer. Andrew Knight is executive producer and writer. Debbie Lee also executive produces. Writers also include Andrew Anastasios, Angela McDonald, and Darlene Johnson. Jonathan Teplitzky and Lucy Gaffy direct. Tom Hoffie is producer.

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