‘Warrior Nun’: Meet the Newest Secret Society on Netflix (VIDEO)

Warrior Nun Netflix Cast
Courtesy of Netflix

Ava’s (Alba Baptista) dreams come true in the latest young adult Netflix Original series that mixes sci-fi, period, and fantasy genres.

“My whole life, I’ve dreamt about being dead,” the 19-year-old explains at the beginning of the trailer (below). “I leave my body, and I see myself from above—a normal girl—until I wake up and I realize that I’m still the freak I’ve been my whole life. One thing I’ve learned since then: life has a really f**ked up way of making your dreams come true.”

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The series, inspired by the manga novels, follows Ava after she wakes up in a morgue with powers and a divine artifact embedded in her back. She learns she’s the chosen one of a secret society of warrior nuns who protect the world from evil, The Order of the Cruciform Sword. She has to juggle being a teenage girl with fighting demons on Earth and powerful forces representing heaven and hell that want to control her.

The series also stars Tristán Ulloa (Father Vincent), Kristina Tonteri-Young (Sister Beatrice), Lorena Andrea (Sister Lilith), Toya Turner (Shotgun Mary), Thekla Reuten (Jillian Salvius), Sylvia De Fanti (Mother Superion), Emilio Sakraya (J.C.), Olivia Delcan (Sister Camila), Joaquim De Almeida (Cardinal Duretti), May Simón Lifschitz (Chanel), Dimitri Abold (Randall), and Charlotte Vega (Zori).

Creator Simon Barry serves as showrunner and executive produces with Jet Wilkinson and Stephen Hegyes.

Scroll down to check out Warrior Nun‘s key art and first photos.

Warrior Nun, Series Premiere, Thursday, July 2, Netflix

Warrior Nun Netflix Key Art

Warrior Nun key art

Alba Baptista Warrior Nun Netflix Ava
Courtesy of Netflix

Warrior Nun (Netflix)

“Oh, I really hope this team doesn’t suck.”

—Newly-alive Ava (Alba Baptista) robs a sporting goods store after escaping the morgue to fit in.

Toya Turner Alba Baptista Warrior Nun Netflix Shotgun Mary Ava
Courtesy of Netflix

Shotgun Mary (Toya Turner) and Ava

Warrior Nun Netflix Sister Camila Lilith Beatrice
Courtesy of Netflix

Sister Camila (Olivia Delcán), Sister Lilith (Lorena Andrea), and Sister Beatrice (Kristina Tonteri-Young)

Warrior Nun Netflix Cast
Tamara Arranz/Netflix

JC (Emilio Sakraya), Zori (Charlotte Vega), Chanel (May Simón Lifschitz), Ava, and Randall (Dimitri Abold)

Emilio Sakraya Alba Baptista Warrior Nun Netflix JC Ava
Courtesy of Netflix

JC and Ava