Be Our Guests! Check Out Who’s Coming to ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ (PHOTOS)

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Jon Bernthal

The Punisher star drops in for one episode as Ilan, a handsome mystery man who takes a special interest in Titus. Also, watch closely for a Marvel-ous shout-out to one of Netflix’s other heroes.


Zachary Quinto

Finally, the Star Trek Spock gets to show off how hilarious he can be with a gig as Eli Rubin, an amoral Hollywood agent who doesn’t exactly see eye-to-eye with Jacqueline over her biggest client.


Mike Carlsen

Is #Mitus endgame? That all depends on whether construction worker Mikey Politano is ready to reunite with Titus…if he hasn’t moved on for good already.


Busy Philipps

If there is anyone who can turn horrible heiress Sheba Goodman into a better person, well, we’re not really sure it’s Lillian (Carol Kane). But we love that she is gonna try!


Bill Barretta and Kenan Thompson

Longtime Muppeteer Barretta revives both his meek Sesame Street employee Lonny Dufrene and pervy puppet Mr. Frumpus, while the SNL standout returns as (the ghost of) Lillian’s late husband, the jazz bassist Roland Peacock.


Ronan Farrow

Appearing as himself, the investigative reporter sets his sights on exposing a beloved, powerful and fuzzy entertainment figure.


Anders Holms

Get ready to swoon over Bryan Pigslinger, the star of the Indiana University Durnsville football team and Kimmy’s boyfriend in an alternate reality. He’s hot but horrible.


Sol Miranda

Kimmy’s fellow Mole Woman is back and doing better than ever. She even has an amazingly ridiculous assistant Tomothy (Jeff Hiller), who also factors into the upcoming ‘Sliding Doors’ episode. Lauren Adams and Sara Chase are also returning as bunker-mates Gretchen Chalker and Cyndee Pokorney.


Tim Blake Nelson

The Ballad of Buster Scruggs star suits back up as Randy Peterson, the dim-witter Durnsville police officer who screwed up the search for Kimmy after her abduction.


Dan Byrd

The Cougar Town alum plays Josh Hoffman, a graphic designer for Giztoob whose crush on Kimmy leads to a very complicated love triangle…


Mark Linn-Baker and Joanna Gleason

…involving his parents, played by Perfect Strangers survivor Mark Linn-Baker and Broadway vet Joanna Gleason.

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is wrapping up its fourth and final season by dropping six new episodes on Netflix on January 25. Not only are they loaded with loose ends being tied up, the half-dozen gems are also packed with guest stars and friends of the show who have appeared before.

Jon Hamm is back as Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne, as are Amy Sedaris as Mimi Kanasis; Fred Armisen as Lillian’s incarcerated ex, Robert Durst; Dylan Gelula as the surprisingly likable Xanthippe Voorhees; Paul Walter Hauser as the still-unlikable “actor,” Tripp Knob; James Monroe Iglehart as Titus’ foe, Coriolanus Burt; Greg Kinnear as himself; and rollercoaster-lovin’ Mama Schmidt herself, Lisa Kudrow.

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In addition, Noah Robbins is back as Kimmy’s nerdy Giztoob boss, Peter Reigert will haunt Lilian as her late beau Artie, and Bobby Moynihan is set to get another dose of learning from Kimmy as mens’ rights a-hole Fran Dodd.

Theater vet Terrence Mann (Cats), Trump impressionist Anthony Atamanuik, Steve Buscemi, and Rob Huebel (The Goldbergs) are also on tap for spots, along with the good folks included in our gallery. So click away to see them in the gallery above!

Plus, see Busy Philipps reprise her role as Sheeba Goodman in a clip from the soon-to-be-released episodes.

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