7 TV Shows That Continued After Losing Lead Stars

Jim Halterman

Money disputes, sexual harassment allegations, untimely deaths. Shooting a television series is a lot like life in that outside the scripts that tell a story week in and week out, sometimes life just gets in the way and a show has to drastically change course.

With recent sexual harassment accusations made against A-listers like Kevin Spacey (Netflix's House of Cards) and Jeffrey Tambor (Amazon's Transparent), both award-winning shows face uncertain futures. House of Cards, which was going into its sixth and final season, is now without its star, which makes going forward a challenge since Spacey's Frank Underwood has been at the core of the series from day one. (The show may spin-off and away from the Underwoods but nothing has been announced yet).

It's a similar situation over at Transparent as it was heading into a fifth season. What is the Pfefferman family without Tambor's transgender character Maura to revolve around?

Jeffrey Tambor Departs 'Transparent' Amid Sexual Harrassment Accusations

Jeffrey Tambor Departs 'Transparent' Amid Sexual Harrassment Accusations

While he has addressed the allegations against him, the Emmy-winning actor says he can't go on with the Amazon series.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a series has had to make drastic changes in hopes the life of the show isn't cut short. In the gallery above, we've gathered some present and past examples of shows that faced surprising changes in the call sheet and how they attempted to move forward.