9 TV Shows & Movies on HBO Max to Binge Watch in 2020

HBO Max Shows Movies to Binge
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With Summer 2020 officially underway, what better way to recover from the living nightmare of a year we’ve had while social distancing than utilizing one of the latest streaming services to watch great movies and TV shows?

HBO Max launched on May 27, and binge watching its extensive growing library at home is the perfect antidote to avoiding COVID-19, while providing subscribers with a nearly zero percent chance of encountering murder hornets and UFOs this summer. And with almost six months left in the year, who knows what else 2020 could throw at us next?

Here are nine shows and movies on HBO Max, from Friends to Lord of the Rings, to get you through this summer as we all shack up and prepare for what’s next. (2021 here we come!)

Friends Cast Reunion Special Filming Delayed
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Even during this crazy year, Friends will certainly be there for you on HBO Max. The 236-episode series is exclusively streaming on the new service, and now is the perfect time to rewatch. An unscripted reunion was supposed to be available on HBO Max’s launch date, but filming was delayed due to COVID-19. You win this time, coronavirus, but if you’ll excuse us, we have 10 seasons to watch while we wait.

Harry Potter Chamber of Secret Hermione Ron
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Harry Potter

Why not take a break from our crazy world and step into the wizarding one of the boy who lived? All eight Potter movies are available, and new and old fans can now binge watch as Harry and his friends grow up and fight “You-Know-Who.” Sure, their world may be in a constant battle between good and evil, but there is no spell that counters a pandemic!

Rick and Morty Adult Swim
Adult Swim

Rick and Morty

Why worry about our world when there are infinite universes? That’s right, the dark animated comedy made its way to another streaming service. Now you can watch Rick and Morty along with more of your favorite cartoons like Adventure Time, Looney Toons, and South Park.

Jaws 1975 Steven Spielberg Movie
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If COVID-19 isn’t enough to scare you from going to the beach this summer, maybe Steven Spielberg’s 1975 classic thriller will. A game changer for the blockbuster industry, reliving the Jaws cultural phenomenon on HBO Max is a must do.

Game of Thrones Jon Snow

Game of Thrones

Late to the party, or back for more? Whatever reason you’re watching Game of Thrones, HBO’s smash hit is on the new streaming service. Repeat bingers, welcome back. First timers, strap in. It’s going to be a bumpy ride on the journey to the Iron Throne.

Lord of the Rings Dominic Monaghan Elijah Wood Billy Boyd Sean Astin
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The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Speaking of Game of Thrones, one does not simply say they love the fantasy adventure genre if they have not seen Peter Jackson’s 11-time Oscar winning Lord of the Rings trilogy. Since traveling around other people is not recommended right now, HBO Max lets you travel through Middle Earth with elves, dwarves, and knights, all of whom cannot give you coronavirus.

Sex and the City Cast

Sex and the City

The six-season classic is available to binge for everyone missing the city life this quarantine. Follow four friends as they navigate the Big Apple and their ever-changing personal lives with each other at a time before city dwellers donned masks and gloves.

Joker Movie Joaquin Phoenix
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The DC Universe’s latest cinematic addition follows the origin story of the most notorious supervillain of all time in this dark box office hit. It’s worth binging this and the other DC superhero movies that are on HBO Max, like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam!.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown Tokyo
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Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

The late chef, traveler and author’s 11 season CNN show is streaming on HBO Max, waiting to be explored. Get a taste of the whole world through the eyes of Anthony Bourdain, all while sitting on your couch. If your vacation plans were disrupted this summer, let him come to the rescue.