Best Lines on TV This Week (August 12-18):’Morty, I’m A Drunk Not A Hack’

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Rick and Morty Adult Swim
Adult Swim

Rick and Morty

Seasons 1-3 of the interdimensional sensation have found a couple streaming homes. And with Season 4 ending recently, it’s only a matter of time before you can watch that one, too. Meanwhile, new fans can binge to catch up and old fans can relive the madness of the scientist and his grandson.

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ABC/Eike Schroter

Somewhere Between

Nico: “You should work for me. The hour’s are long, but the pay is low.”

-Nico (Devon Sawa) jokingly entices Laura (Paula Patton) with a job offer.

Difficult People - Julie Klausner
Barbara Nitke/Hulu

Difficult People

Julie: “Arthur can do it all. He’s just like Justin Timberlake without having to constantly prove himself.”

-Julie (Julie Klausner) comments on the virtues of her boyfriend.

Paula Malcomson as Abby Donovan in Ray Donovan
Michael Desmond/SHOWTIME

Ray Donovan

Abby: “You’re going to talk to a hooker on our anniversary?”
Ray: “Yeah.”

-Abby (Paula Malcomson) questions Ray’s (Liev Schreiber) choices.

The Bold Type - - The End of the Beginning - Aisha Day and Katie Stevens
Phillippe Bosse/Freeform

The Bold Type

Kat: “Are you drunk?”
Jane: “Yeah, I had an assignment that involved cocktails and I’m tiny.”

-Jane (Katie Stevens) explains her inebriated state to Kat (Aisha Dee).

Marlon - Marlon Wayans, Essence Atkins
Justin Lubin/NBC


Marlon: “Stevie, you asked to crash on my couch or two weeks. Brother, it’s been two years.”

-Marlon (Marlon Wayans) sets the record straight for his buddy

Bachelor in Paradise - CHRIS HARRISON
ABC/ Bob D'Amico

Bachelor In Paradise

Chris: “So let’s get this season started. A season that I can definitely say will go down in Bachelor history as the most shocking and yes, dramatic season ever.”

-Chris (Chris Harrison) prefaces the show by addressing the scandal that went down.

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