Best Lines on TV This Week (July 15-21): ‘Two Writers. Rival Publications. So Poetic.’

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Friends From College - Nat Faxon

Friends From College

Tour guide #1: “So right here, we have our sparkling pinot noir. This is Springsteen’s favorite.”

Nick: “That’s great. What wine is your favorite? Which do you like to drink?”

Tour guide #1: “I’m sober, dude.”

-Nick (Nat Faxon) tries sparking a conversation with his wine tour guide.

Casual -Tara Lynne Barr, Michaela Watkins
Greg Lewis/Hulu)


Valerie Meyers: “These bridesmaids want me to pick up mason jars and mini pies. It’s like a Pinterest-sponsored shakedown.”

-Valerie (Michaela Watkins) lets off some steam about her annoying maid of honor duties.

Loaded - Samuel Anderson as Leon, Jim Howick as Josh, Jonny Sweet as Ewan, Nick Helm as Watto
Colin Hutton/CH4/AMC


Josh: “You’re the least-subtle millionaire since the Monopoly Man.”

-Josh (Jim Howick) to Leon (Samuel Anderson) as he runs through his new bank account.

Game of Thrones - Bella Ramsey
Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

Game of Thrones

Lyanna Mormont: “I may be small. I may be a girl. But I won’t be knitting by the fire while I have men fight for me.”

-Lyanna (Bella Ramsey) surprises the crowd with a fiery, feminist speech.

The Bold Type: Meghann Fahy
Phillippe Bosse/Freeform

The Bold Type

Sutton Brady: “Two writers. Rival Publications. So Poetic.”

-Sutton (Meghann Fahy) acknowledges the Romeo and Juliet-esque romance between BFF Jane (Katie Stevens) and love interest Ryan (Dan Jeannotte).

Alisha Wainwright of Shadowhunters
Ian Watson/Freeform


Maia Roberts: “You’re going to Temple? You’re a vampire; isn’t that some sort of fire hazard?”

Maia (Alisha Wainwright) cracks a joke about vampires spontaneously combusting in religious institutions.

The Bachelorette - DEAN, RACHEL LINDSAY
Josh Vertucci/ABC

The Bachelorette

Rachel Lindsay: “I am letting myself feel all the feels.”

-Rachel spills in her confessional about her infatuation with Bryan.

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