12 TV Families We’d Like to Spend Thanksgiving With (PHOTOS)

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TV Families We’d Like to Spend Thanksgiving With
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The Villanuevas, Jane the Virgin

Celebrating the most American holiday with the heartwarming and supportive Villanuevas would undoubtedly be an opportunity to experience the beautiful overlapping of different cultures. Not to mention the possibility of witnessing Rogelio’s antics. And if the family went all-out in the same way that they do for Easter, Thanksgiving would surely be a feel-good (and tasty) event.

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The Bradys, The Brady Bunch

Nothing says traditional American family more than the Bradys, and spending the holiday with Mike, Carol and their perfectly symmetrical gang means being surrounded by heaps of love, a spectacular home-cooked meal prepared by Alice and (perhaps) an original film about the Pilgrims' journey. Plus, there’s always the possibility of someone getting hit in the face with a football for just a dash of drama.
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The Johnsons, black-ish

The best holidays are often the ones spent laughing until your sides hurt, and Dre, Bow and the rest of the Johnsons are guaranteed to provide the humor. In a family of so many distinct personalities, there would certainly be no shortage of (taboo) topics to talk about. And, there's the added bonus of spending a few fun hours with the cutest sitcom kids ever.
TV Families We’d Like to Spend Thanksgiving With
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The Bravermans, Parenthood and The Taylors, Friday Night Lights

The importance of family runs through both of these critically-acclaimed Jason Katims shows. The many Friday Night Lights actors who appeared on Parenthood throughout its run made their worlds in Dillon, TX and Berkeley, CA feel inextricably connected. So what’s better than the ultimate holiday fantasy of sharing a turkey spread with these two iconic families? After all: T-day football in Zeke and Camille’s stunningly lit backyard as Coach T calls the plays? We’re so there.

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The Huangs, Fresh Off The Boat

With a multigenerational family living in one home, the various personalities and life philosophies will surely make for some incredibly challenging (yet amusing) scenarios. While Thanksgiving is bound to stress out the always-in-control Jessica, the inevitable bickering and funny quips will surely be on the menu as the Huangs navigate culture clashes.
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The Adams Fosters, The Fosters

The home of Stef and Lena Adams Foster is full of acceptance, with two women who constantly teach their blended family that there is always room for open doors and open hearts. So spending time with the parents and their foster children means you will never be judged, just understood.
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The Lyons, Empire

One impressive aspect of the Lyon family, aside from their tremendous talent, is their ability to come together when the going gets tough. Even if they’ll most likely kill each other later, they know the importance of family (think Lucious’s willingness to protect Cookie. So Thanksgiving with this brood would be like watching an unrehearsed theater, waiting in anticipation for Cookie to explode. But if Jamal finds his way to the piano at some point, with the whole family joining him in song, it would be a day of thanks indeed.

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The Keatons, Family Ties

It’s a universally accepted rule that families don’t discuss politics at Thanksgiving, as there’s no better way to ruin a pleasant meal. The Keatons, however, would never pay attention to this logic. And hippie parents Elyse and Steven would have no reservations about giving their conservative son, Alex, a tough time by sharing liberal thoughts. It would be the perfect holiday spent stimulating conversation, presuming nobody gets arrested.
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The Conners, Roseanne and The Conners

Thanksgiving at the Conners’ will never be boring, with a variety of out-of-town family and friends appearing to make sure the day is full of awkward encounters and fascinating revelations. And in such a straightforward and blunt family, no topic would be off the table.

BEVERLY HILLS 90210, James Eckhouse, Carol Potter, Jason Priestley, Shannen Doherty
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The Walshs, Beverly Hills, 90210

No matter what plans the 90210 crew makes for the holidays, it’s a guarantee that by day’s end, the whole gang will be at Casa Walsh. What could be better than enjoying a delicious Cindy Walsh holiday meal, playing football in the front yard (maybe with one-time guest star Steve Young?!) and waiting for the inevitable juicy drama to unfold. Bonus: Dylan McKay would be there!

Game of Thrones, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Lena Headey
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The Lannisters, Game of Thrones

Just kidding. Did you really think we would recommend this messed-up family? (Happy Thanksgiving!)

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Thanksgiving is all about gratitude and family. For some, it provides the special (and rare) opportunity to catch up with loved ones; for others, it’s a challenging experience requiring lots of restraint and wine.

And families on TV are no different facing the highs and lows of living together and getting along with each other. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we rounded up some of the TV families that we’d break cornbread with on Turkey Day.

Click through the gallery above for our picks, from Friday Night Lights to The Conners, and tell us below: Which ones would you add?