10 TV Character Weddings to Look Out for in the 2019-2020 Season (PHOTOS)

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Starz; Chris Haston/NBC; Elizabeth Sisson/NBC
Outlander Season 4 2018


Brianna and Roger aren’t officially married — they haven’t had an actual wedding — but they did have a handfasting ceremony. It’s always possible they could decide to make things official.

Labor Days
David M. Russell/CBS


Bull is having a child with his ex-wife, and it’s always possible they could decide to make it official again, even if it’s not a big ceremony and they just, say, go down to the courthouse. After all, Jason spends quite a bit of time there already.

Kevin McKidd and Kim Raver in Grey's Anatomy
ABC/Kelsey McNeal

Grey’s Anatomy

It took Owen and Teddy quite a while to get together, but now they’re happy, with a baby. Could wedding bells be in their future? Of all the Grey’s couples, they seem the most likely to add rings to the relationship.

Truth or Dare
Cliff Lipson/CBS

Criminal Minds

The CBS procedural drama is entering its final season and has had a couple weddings already. (It even ended Season 14 with one.) Now, we’re not expecting JJ and Reid to get married, no matter what happens after her confession (and they shouldn’t!), but Prentiss and Mendoza or Luke and Lisa could always make it official.

Chicago Med - Season 5
Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

Chicago Med

April and Ethan’s relationship is quite stable at the moment. They’re living together, and when April brought up life after they get married, it was no big deal for either of them. We wouldn’t be surprised if this season includes or ends with their wedding.

Killer Robots
Mark Schafer/CBS

Madam Secretary

As we learned while Blake was being questioned by Senator Hanson, he and Trevor got engaged before Elizabeth was elected president. With this being the last season, we wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a wedding at some point.

Superstore - Season 4
Tyler Golden/NBC


Sandra and Jerry got engaged last season, but will they make it down the aisle this year? “It remains to be seen what will happen,” Kaliko Kauahi told TV Insider. “There’s still a lot of factors, including my nemesis Carol. It wouldn’t seem like things would go smoothly for Sandra.”

New Amsterdam - Season 1 - Margot Bingham as Evie, Jocko Sims as Dr. Floyd Reynolds
Eric Liebowitz/NBC

New Amsterdam

Reynolds and Evie are planning their wedding — but balancing a long-distance relationship — in Season 2. “All of our fingers are crossed” for it to happen, executive producer David Schulner told TV Insider.


Chicago Fire

Just as Cruz was about to propose to Chloe, she broke things off, later admitting that she didn’t know if she could handle being with a firefighter. (She’d seen what Otis’ girlfriend went through after his death.) But in the end, she showed up with cake pops telling him to ask her — and he proposed.

Will & Grace - Season 2
Chris Haston/NBC

Will & Grace

In the final season premiere, Will told McCoy he wanted to talk about their future, including planning their wedding. While they may be in a long-distance relationship for the time being, we can’t see the series ending without Will’s wedding happening onscreen. (Let’s hope it does happen and there’s not more heartbreak in store for Will.)

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The 2019-2020 season may have just begun, but already, TV couples are looking to the future.

At least a few shows — dramas and comedies — tend to air (or at least plan) a wedding during a season. And there are a few couples doing just that.

Click through the gallery above for a look at the weddings we could see this year, ranked from least to most likely.