TLC’s ‘Our Wild Life’: Meet a Family With a Whopping 81 Pets! (PHOTOS)

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Axel Rose - Gray Wolf _ Malimute Hybrid

Axel Rose the Gray Wolf (Alaskan Malamute)

Belt the Sloth

Belt the Sloth

Coco - Umbrella Cockatoo

Coco the Umbrella Cockatoo

Donald Trump - Japanese Pheasant

Donald Trump the Japanese Pheasant

Ginger - Pig

Ginger the Pig

Gladys & Grady - Emus

Gladys & Grady the Emus

Joey - Zebra

Joey the Zebra

Lady Bug - Mini Horse (and Rachael Ray - Mini Donkey)
Roscoe - Pig

Roscoe the Pig

Sisaroe - Alpaca

Sisaroe the Alpaca

Skipper - Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Skipper the Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Sugar Ray - Red Kangaroo

Sugar Ray the Red Kangaroo

Zoomy - Ring Tailed Lemur

Zoomy the Ring Tailed Lemur

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TLC knows unique families, and their latest brood is remarkable for how much they love animals — and that’s saying it mildly.

Bobbie Jo and Jerry Abrams and their children (five human and the 81 of the furry kind!) are at the center of the network’s latest series, Our Wild Life, premiering May 22. The show welcomes viewers into their life as blended family of humans and creatures — and not just the normal house pet kind. Instead, they have exotic animals — many of them rescues — including a zebra, camel and lemur, as well as kangaroos, alpacas, llamas, wallabies, pigs, and more.

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Our Wild Life will feature six, one-hour episodes filled with wild moments from their day-to-day. And just because they’re closing in on 100 animals, doesn’t mean they’re not growing still — this season, we’ll see the Abrams add a wolf-dog hybrid, a litter of puppies, and “Belt the Sloth.”

Click through the gallery above for a sneak peek at all of the Abrams’ animal children!

Our Wild Life, Series Premiere, Tuesday, May 22, 10/9c, TLC