A Full Breakdown of the 10 New Stars on ‘This Is Us’ Season 4 (PHOTOS)

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Jennifer Morrison

The former House and Once Upon a Time star was the only Season 4 cast member revealed ahead of the shocking teaser — which revealed many more new stars — but more can be gleaned from her setting in the trailer, which includes her suiting up for apparent combat. Perhaps she’ll come into play with Kevin’s storyline? We know he was really involved in exploring Jack’s military history last season. Could he seek out a different perspective from someone who experienced war more recently?

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Nick Wechsler

The former Roswell star, whose other credits include Chicago P.D., Revenge and Dynasty, looks as though his character will be tied to Jennifer Morrison’s. Whether he’s her significant other or a family member, the emotional hug he gives suggests a deep bond.

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Bahara Golestani

This actress, who has been seen in TNT’s Animal Kingdom, will likely play into the same storyline as Jennifer Morrison’s new character as it appears they’re in this shot together. Maybe there’ll be a parallel between their story and Jack’s with the Vietnamese woman Hien (Porter Duong).

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Omar Epps

Morrison’s fellow House star will also have a role in Season 4. While we don’t know much about where he’ll fit in, there’s a chance it could play into Randall’s story, since we saw him working at a garage that could be located in Philly, where the Pearson is now in government office.

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Marsha Stephanie Blake

This When They See Us and Orange Is the New Black star appears to be sharing the screen with Epps based on the scenes she pops up in. There is a light and joking demeanor about her behavior which suggests a fun dynamic will be seen on screen.

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Asante Blackk

The When They See Us breakout star will join the cast as well, and a similar shot of himself and Epps could be hinting at a duel timeline character with Blackk portraying a younger version of Epps’. The sweatshirt Blackk sports is definitely giving us ’90s vibes, which could support the theory of him and Epps playing the same character.

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Juluian Silva

The young star, who you may have seen in Queen of the South (inset), will costar alongside Blackk as they’re seen in the same clip. Beyond his blurry image, not much else can be determined when it comes to this unnamed character.

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M. Night Shyamalan

The director known for his films such as The Sixth Sense and Glass makes a cameo in the new teaser, suggesting that he may be following in fellow Hollywood staple Ron Howard’s footsteps. Considering the show’s use of celebrities playing themselves, we can safely assume that he will be connected to Kevin’s story in some way.

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Timothy Omundson

Shown in one brief flash, this actor known for Psych remains rather mysterious, but maybe the glasses are a tip? The only character we’ve ever seen wear them are Jack’s brother Nicky. Perhaps Omundson is portraying a middle-aged version of the character?

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Auden Thornton

We see Thornton — who has appeared in shows such as Bull — take a seat in a booth with an indistinguishable man. Since he doesn’t appear to be a character we recognize, it’s hard to tell if she’ll be part of a past or present storyline, but Thornton’s character name is Lucy if the name tag is accurate.

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This Is Us returns in less than a month, and the recent teaser trailer revealed a slew of new characters — though without much context.

Are they from the past, present or future? How will they intersect with the Pearson family storylines? These are just a couple questions we have about the latest additions, which include Jennifer Morrison, Omar Epps, Asante Blackk, M. Night Shyamalan and many more.

In the gallery above, we take a look at the Season 4 cast and predict how they’ll fit into Dan Fogelman‘s carefully crafted NBC drama.

This Is Us, Season 4 Premiere, Tuesday, September 24, 9/8c, NBC