8 'This Is Us' Moments That Made Us Cry Happy Tears

This Is Us Season 3 Cast Gallery Photo

This Is Us is known as being one of the biggest tearjerkers on television today.

The emotional NBC drama is a rollercoaster every season for every character, which is what makes it so beloved and relatable. Not every moment is upsetting, though, and there are more where happy tears are shed than people realize.

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'This Is Us': See the Cast Back on Set for Season 5 (PHOTOS)

Sterling K. Brown, Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore and more stars are giving fans a peek from behind the scenes.

Ahead of the show's return later this month, we're reminiscing on a few of those moments — including heartwarming moments with Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) and their kids — where joy and warmth overpowered the distress and drama of the rest of the show. Check out the gallery to see what positive scenes prevailed!

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Jack Pearson, Milo Ventimiligia, Lonnie Chavis, Randall Pearson, This Is Us Season 1 Episode 9

"The Trip" (Season 1, Episode 9)

By now, every This Is Us fan knows that Jack would have done anything for his children, including bond with them through doing 200 push-ups with them on his back. In the scene where Jack and Rebecca take Randall (Lonnie Chavis) to a karate class, Jack proves to both himself and Randall, not to mention the instructor at the dojo, that he would do anything for his son. By doing push-ups with Randall holding one, Jack proved that he would carry his son through life with as much strength and passion as he did in that moment on his back.

Eris Baker, Tess Pearson, Kevin Pearson, Justin Hartley, This Is Us, Season 4 Episode 9

"So Long, Marianne" (Season 4, Episode 9)

Kevin (Justin Hartley) isn’t always the best brother to Randall (Sterling K. Brown), but it’s clear that he does everything in his power to make up for that by being the best uncle to both Tess (Eris Baker) and Annie (Faithe C. Herman). After Tess confides in Kevin, and no one else, that she’s gay, he has to find a way to break to his niece that as much as it seems like coming out is a taboo thing, it’s up to her how she wants to do it and to whom. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to being who you are and he makes sure to tell her that explicitly and lovingly. Nothing warmed fans’ hearts more than seeing Kevin step up to the plate and being the best uncle and father figure possible in that moment.

Kate Pearson, Chrissy Metz, This Is Us, Season 2 Episode 5

"Brothers" (Season 2, Episode 5)

Nothing spurs happy tears like a pregnancy announcement. Kate’s (Chrissy Metz), especially, was a long time coming and essentially a miracle. Admitting to Toby (Chris Sullivan) that she was pregnant took a weight not only off her shoulders, but his as well. He loved Kate and wanted to start a family with her and this was the option that neither of them knew that they needed. The research, treatment, doctors, and what if scenarios shown throughout the show made everyone, including the characters, feel hopeless about the couple having a child together, which made her announcement, and Toby’s unmatched excitement, feel just that more special.

Jack Pearson, Milo Ventimiligia, Tim Matheson, This Is Us, Season 4 Episode 1

"Strangers" (Season 4, Episode 1)

When he was a young man, Jack was no stranger to having to defend himself, along with his brother (Michael Angarano, as the younger Nicky). Holding his own against Rebecca’s father (Tim Matheson), though, was difficult, as he was tough, protective, and judgmental. Not only was Jack able to defend his relationship and his feelings towards Rebecca, but he was also able to expertly defend his perspective and his time in the Vietnam War. Going to war and the reason he did that was very personal to him and his family, as well as his background, so seeing Jack not hide who he is and be honest publicly about his story, even in such circumstances felt like such a win for both fans and the character alike.

Rebecca Pearson, Mandy Moore, Kate Pearson, Hannah Zeile, This Is Us, Season 4 Episode 14

"The Cabin" (Season 4, Episode 14)

Season 4 was filled to the brim with storylines that had us on the edge of our seat, from Randall’s home break-in to Kate’s abusive boyfriend. When Rebecca finally kicked Kate’s boyfriend out and Randall and Kevin stood up for their sister, viewers everywhere were able to breathe a sigh of relief. Kate was doing everything she could to be a good girlfriend to her very first boyfriend, but being alone with someone who was as unstable as he was caused an immense amount of nervousness and fear. The second he was gone for good and Kate was able to be with her family who genuinely loved her, everyone could feel the air shift on the show.

Jack Pearson, This Is Us, Milo Ventimiligia, Season 1 Episode 12

"The Big Day" (Season 1, Episode 12)

Rebecca Pearson wanted to be a good mom no matter what; even when she forgot her husband’s birthday, it was about the babies. In one of the most heartwarming scenes in the series, Rebecca is speaking to her then unborn triplets and asking them to bear with her and go easy on her as she navigates motherhood for the first time. Jack sneaking up on her and this sweet conversation with a camera so that he and the babies will have this moment forever just proves what a strong family dynamic they had before the “Big Three” even came to be.

Nicky Pearson, This Is Us, Season 4 Episode 4, Griffin Duane

"Flip A Coin" (Season 4, Episode 4)

Jack’s brother, Nicky (Griffin Dunne), never really fit in with the Pearson family upon meeting them late in life. That being said, when he was able to open up to Kevin and Cassidy (Jennifer Morrison) about someone he had loved long ago, you could tell that story meant just as much to his nephew as it did to himself. It takes a lot of courage to be open with people, let alone family members with whom you just connected. Hearing Nicky speak openly and relatively honestly about something so personal showed their relationship progressing in a way that many people were waiting for and hoping to see happen.

Jack Pearson, Milo Ventimiglia, Kate Pearson, Mackenzie Hancsicsak, This Is Us Season 1 Episode 4

"The Pool" (Season 1, Episode 4)

One of the main storylines in the series is that Kate has an issue and insecurity with her weight stemming from being bullied during childhood. In a flashback scene, early in the first season of the show, Kate is ostracized at the town pool by her friends due to how she looked in a bathing suit. Heartbroken and confused, Kate does nothing except feel bad for herself and wants to leave the pool. Jack, her father, comes to the rescue with a little bit of youthful magic. He gives Kate his T-shirt to wear at the pool so as to not ruin their fun summer day, but with the shirt comes a note and a story. This magical shirt is more than just a cover-up; it allows whoever wears it to be whatever and whoever they want to be. Kate got to be a princess for the day, during a time that could have been very traumatizing. Jack, as usual, shifted the narrative to be warming and positive.