18 Things You Might’ve Missed in ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 10 Trailer (PHOTOS)

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Fear is dangerous

Angela Kang has said this season will deal with the effects of PTSD, and that certainly seems to be the case for Carol in this scene. At first the image in the mirror looks like a walker, but look closer—it’s a beheaded Henry.

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“People are putting their s**ttin’ pants back on.”

Raise your hand if you missed Negan’s wisecracks. It seems like he’ll be getting free pretty early on this season, since the trailers usually only show scenes from the first five or so episodes. Though he didn’t seem like he wanted to fight—he said he’d be happiest “picking tomatoes and burying corpses”—there’s no doubt he’ll get drawn into the war somehow.

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Negan on a rampage?

Whoever’s on Negan’s bad side here might be in for a Lucille-ing. Hopefully it’s a Whisperer, but…

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Uh-oh, Aaron

Now, the trailers can be pretty misleading at times (the Season 6 Comic-Con trailer made it seem like Morgan and Rick would be facing off). But it certainly looks like Aaron’s on the receiving end of Negan’s wrath, since the spikes on the end of his arm from earlier in the trailer are clearly visible. What’s going on here?

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Bow to the queen

Even though she no longer has the Kingdom, Carol’s a queen in her own right. She’s out for revenge and ready for a fight as she tells someone (it looks like Michonne), “The bitch has to die.” If I were Alpha, I’d be scared.

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Facing off

There could potentially be two confrontations in this trailer: One at the beach at Oceanside where everyone, including Judith, joins the fray, and another against Alpha at the pikes. Whether or not they’re fighting the Whisperers both times—I have to believe not on the beach, since I doubt Michonne would let Judith be on the front lines—it seems a confrontation between the groups is coming sooner rather than later this season.

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A word uttered by many TWD fans when they first viewed this scene, I’m sure. Now, there is precedent for a Michonne-Ezekiel pairing, since they were together in the comics. But quite a bit was changed in their storylines from that source material (Rick and Michonne weren’t together, Carol wasn’t married to Ezekiel, etc.). Also… Rick is alive, which has the potential to be pretty awkward if this isn’t a one-time thing. Note the tear that falls down Michonne’s cheek as she kisses the former king.

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A bright spot

It looks like Judith will continue being the show’s hopeful spark—here we see her handing former music teacher Luke a book about Russian music.

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Proud mama

Rosita’s had her baby! But that doesn’t seem like it’s going to stop the awkward love triangle birthed in Season 9, as we see Eugene measuring the baby’s legs and Siddiq holding him or her. Plus, Eugene and Rosita seem to be fighting side by side at one point later on in the trailer.

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Lydia, poor Lydia

We don’t see much of Lydia in this trailer, but when we do see her, she’s not doing great. She appears to be trying to learn Henry’s form of fighting with a stick (maybe Morgan will cross back over and help her?), but Negan warns her to “watch [her] back,” and it’s possible Alexandria hasn’t been quite welcoming. Later, we see her leaning on Daryl’s shoulder and crying. Life ain’t easy for Alpha’s daughter, that’s for sure.

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Lydia needs a hug

Lydia’s having a tough time. Granted, she wasn’t received well at Alexandria in the comics and ended up leaving because its people threatened her life, so it’s possible this is an adaptation of that storyline. But hopefully Lydia has more of a role to play in the Whisperer War than being terrorized by Alexandria’s angry residents.

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A love interest for Daryl?

At this point, it seems most fans are on one of two sides when it comes to the great Daryl ‘shipping debate: Connie or Carol. There’s a decent amount of interaction among both pairings in this trailer, and we see Connie, Daryl and Dog still appear to be buddies.

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But there’s still these two…

Oh, Caryl. Will they ever be together, or has that ‘ship, so to speak, sailed? If nothing else, this trailer makes it clear that they depend on each other for support and even a bit of fun, since they both look pretty happy riding his motorcycle and talking about “going west.” Unfortunately, this isn’t one of those happy moments, and it appears to be taking place on the same night as the showdown with Alpha at the pikes.

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Powerful propaganda

This view of the Whisperers is markedly different than the man imitating them in Alexandria with a bag over his head, joking around earlier in the trailer. Angela Kang and the cast have said that a theme this season will be wartime and propaganda, and it seems the “silence the Whisperers” campaign from the comics will translate onto the show.

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Daryl vs. Negan

Daryl and Negan haven’t interacted much since his days on “Easy Street,” but that’s about to change. It looks like Daryl still has quite a bit of anger stored up when it comes to Negan (and rightfully so!), but in the next little snippet in the trailer, that’s not Negan he’s punching: the person’s hair is too long. Tricky editing!

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Fear the Whisperers

“You should fear me.” Samantha Morton excels at being quietly intimidating and terrifying without being over the top, and it’ll be interesting to see where Alpha ends up this season. (If the show follows the comics, she’ll have a pretty nasty encounter with Negan, but it’s more likely that blow could be struck by Carol on the show.)

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“What are you, 10?”

Despite all the drama in the trailer, one of the final scenes is Carol and Daryl eating and… talking, much to Daryl’s chagrin. When he says he didn’t want his best friend getting on a boat, Carol laughs and asks him if he’s ten years old. “Should I make us friendship bracelets?” she says. The boat thing is perhaps more notable than the trailer makes it out to be—in the comics, Michonne leaves the series for a while on a boat voyage. It could mean nothing, or it could be a hint as to how Michonne exits this season, given that Season 10 is Danai Gurira’s last.

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Negan Michonne?

What on Earth is going on here? TWD likes to throw in confusing misdirects and major twists in the final moments of its trailers, and this one is no different. Apparently, Michonne has Lucille here, and she looks ready to attack. But as some have noticed, that’s her old hairstyle and outfit, which has led many to believe this is a dream sequence much like Carol’s hallucination of Henry.

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[WARNING: Spoilers for The Walking Dead comics, especially the Whisperer-related storylines, follow.]

“You should fear me.”

Alpha’s (Samantha Morton) back on The Walking Dead, and she’s more terrifying than ever. Whether or not our favorite group of survivors thought they’d gotten rid of the flesh-wearing baddies when they didn’t surface for the entire winter, it’s apparent that a confrontation, and indeed, a war, is coming in Season 10.

But despite the impending conflict, some of the trailer — which premiered at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 — seems almost happy — we’re treated to cheerful scenes with Judith and Luke, Daryl and Carol, Daryl and Connie and Dog, Rosita and Eugene, and Michonne and… a suitor who is definitely not Rick Grimes. (Uh-oh.)

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Yet, because this is The Walking Dead, there’s darkness here as well; there are echoes of horror film scores in the music, and two major fight scenes: One in the forest, and another on a beach.

Click through the gallery above for some theories about key snippets from the trailer, and sound off about your thoughts below!

The Walking Dead, Season 10 Premiere, Sunday, October 6, 9/8c, AMC