Why ‘The Rookie’ Needs to Be Renewed for Season 3

Nathan Fillion The Rookie Season 2
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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 2, Episode 20 of The Rookie, “The Hunt.”]

The Rookie left fans hanging with its second season finale as protagonist officer John Nolan (Nathan Fillion) fell into a compromising position after his do-gooder attitude came back to bite him.

After catching onto a lead that detective Nick Armstrong (Harold Perrineau) was crooked and working with organized criminals including the man who shot one of LAPD’s own in the penultimate episode, Nolan pursues the case secretively. Once Armstrong catches onto Nolan’s game though, he sets a trap of his own, planning to frame the justice seeker for the crimes he’d committed.

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But as the episode nears its final seconds, we see Nolan in his home, searching for the evidence Armstrong claimed he planted. When he finds the items in question, police lights illuminate Nolan’s window and we’re left wondering whether he’ll be wrongfully apprehended or not.

Below, we’re highlighting a few topics that prove The Rookie deserves a third season, but beware of spoilers.

Harold Perrineau The Rookie Season 2
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What will happen to Armstrong?

He framed Nolan (Nathan Fillion) for the same crimes he committed, but will Armstrong (Harold Perrineau) be held responsible for his actions? He planned to kill Nolan and make it look like self-defense, but he was handcuffed before he had the chance. Will the LAPD believe Armstrong’s defense or will Officer Harper (Mekia Cox) be able defend her partner and uncover the real criminal?

Nathan Fillion The rookie season 2
ABC/Kelsey McNeal

What will happen to Nolan?

Officer Nolan found himself in an incriminating position after Armstrong planted evidence at his house, linking him to organized crime. Will he be able to prove his innocence? We’d certainly like to know.

the rookie season 2
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What's next for Rachel and Bradford?

After planning to break up with Rachel (Jasmine Mathews) ahead of her move to New York, Bradford (Eric Winter) changes his mind, telling her he wants to make it work after pulling over her ride to the airport. Needless to say, it seems like the romance will continue, but will his theory about long-distance be proven correct and squash the relationship in the end? This is a question that could be answered if the show returns.

The rookie season 2
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Will Jackson be okay?

Jackson (Titus Makin Jr.) was really broken up after witnessing the shooting death of fellow officer Chris (Christopher O’Shea). We saw him discuss it with Angela (Alyssa Diaz), and he did apprehend the suspect, Serj (Themo Melikidze), but will there be a more solid resolution for him? We hope so.

The Rookie Season 2 Bradford Chen
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Will Bradford and Chen ever be an item?

Some fans of the show have been wanting this team to couple up for a while and after some promising glimmers following Lucy’s (Melissa O’Neil) abduction rescue, it seems to be a matter of time. If Bradford’s relationship with Rachel doesn’t work out long-distance, we can only infer a next possible love interest would be Lucy. Hopefully a third season could shed light on it.

Ali Larter Season 2 The Rookie
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Will Grace change her mind?

After telling Nolan she planned to end their relationship and try again with the father of her child, he was understandably upset. And while Grace (Ali Larter) seemed to be thinking things over, she hung up the phone on Nolan before saying she’d reconsider. Perhaps there’s still a chance for them to be happy? Only a third season would be able to answer the question.