‘The Last Tycoon’: Who’s Who in the New Matt Bomer-Kelsey Grammer Drama

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The Last Tycoon - Kelsey Grammer, Lily Collins, Matt Bomer
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The Last Tycoon - Matt Bomer as Monroe Stahr
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Matt Bomer as Monroe Stahr

Matt Bomer returns to TV in his first leading role since White Collar as film exec Monroe Stahr, whose commitment to the art of filmmaking clashes with those who put commerce first. Easy-on-the-eyes Monroe also has a bruised heart that several women on the show would like to help heal.

Tycoon - Kelsey Grammer
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Kelsey Grammer as Pat Brady

With five Emmy awards to his credit, Kelsey Grammer is back as film studio head Pat Brady who has a complicated relationship with his wife as well as with his protege Monroe. Fans that love the dramatic side of the beloved actor will be captivated by his work as Pat Brady.

Tycoon - Lily Collins
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Lily Collins as Celia Brady

Besides swooning over Bomer’s Monroe Stahr, what gets Lily Collin’s Celia Brady’s blood pressure rising? Her desire to not trade on her family name and learn the film business at a time when women were relegated to roles of secretary or mistress. (Yes, Collins is the daughter of singer Phil Collins and also stars in the Netflix film To The Bone.

The Last Tycoon - Rosemarie Dewitt and Kelsey Grammer
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Rosemarie DeWitt as Rose Brady

Rosemarie DeWitt (Mad Men) plays Brady’s wife, Rose. She has her own indiscretions that match her husband’s, but also longs to be more than a mogul’s wife. All that said, Rose’s relationship with Pat is as loving as it is complicated.

Tycoon - Matt Bomer and Dominique McElligott dancing
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Dominique McElligott as Kathleen

While there are many who want to be close to Monroe, it’s Dominique Elligott’s Kathleen who reminds Monroe of his deceased wife, and who could also end up getting the true Hollywood fairy tale.

The Last Tycoon - Billy Ray
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Billy Ray (series creator)

He wrote mega-Hollywood hits like The Hunger Games and Captain Phillips, and now writer/director/creator Billy Ray looks to 1930s Hollywood for the nine-episode Amazon series.

The Last Tycoon - Mark O'Brien
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Mark O’Brien as Max

Mark O’Brien’s Max comes into the world of Hollywood with eyes wide open. But will the dark underbelly of the world corrupt him?

The Last Tycoon - Enzo Cilenti
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Enzo Cilenti as Aubrey Hackett

The series also looks at the creative team behind Hollywood with Enzo Cilenti’s writer Aubrey Hackett in the mix of all the drama in front of and off the big screen.

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Movie and television fans have always been fascinated by the glitz and glam of Hollywood, and beginning Friday, Amazon’s latest drama, The Last Tycoon, dives head first into La La Land circa 1936.

The series looks at the inner workings of a fictitious Hollywood film studio, Brady-American Pictures, which is run by Pat Brady (Kelsey Grammer) and his hot-shot studio exec/producer, Monroe Stahr (Matt Bomer). The two men have a father/son bond, but also are competitive with each other and, for Brady, Stahr’s accolades for his work often brings out the green-eyed monster.In the mix is Pat’s wife Rose (Rosemarie DeWitt) and his daughter Celia (Lily Collins), who each get pulled into the glamorous world—for better and for worse.

Check out the gallery above to see who’s who in the stylish and dramatic world of The Last Tycoon.

The Last Tycoon, Streaming, July 28, Amazon Prime Video