7 Questions We Want Answered in 'The Handmaid's Tale' Season 4 (PHOTOS)

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Handmaids Tale June

Will June stay alive?

Obviously the series isn’t going to kill off June because the story is through her. But we’re still worried about her, especially since she killed one of Gilead’s guards, orchestrated the escape, and is currently injured and can’t exactly go to the hospital.

Handmaids Tale handmaids

How will June, the other handmaids, and the Marthas be punished?

As the finale ended, the other handmaids were carrying the injured June, but we have no idea where they’re going or what awaits them. We do know that what happens next can’t be anything good.

Handmaids Tale reunion

Is there any sort of reunion in the future for June, Luke, and Hannah?

Luke was in Canada when the plane full of kids arrived, but to his dismay, Hannah was not on it. June is determined to save her daughter, but how long will it take for at least two members of that family to be truly reunited?

Sophie Giraud/Hulu

What will June’s next Commander be like?

It’s hard to imagine June returning to the Lawrence household after the events of the end of Season 3, so we have to ask: If June is assigned to a new Commander, what will he be like? It’s doubtful she’ll find someone else willing to help like Lawrence did.

Handmaids Tale Serena

How will Serena be punished?

Just as Serena was looking at as best a life as she could imagine to have and even getting time with the baby she sees as hers, she was arrested for crimes against humanity, sexual slavery, and rape, after Fred told Tuello about his less-than-innocent wife.

Handmaids Tale children

How will Gilead react to the children being taken away?

We saw how Fred and Serena reacted to losing Nicole, but June, the handmaids, and the Marthas were just able to successfully get a plane full of kids out of Gilead. Will the Commanders take similar measures as the Waterfords did? Will they do something more extreme? Or will they keep it self-contained for now?

Jasper Savage/Hulu

When will we (and June) see Nick again?

Nick has been MIA since he was sent to the front. Though June did learn the truth about his role in Gilead, that doesn’t necessarily mean their relationship is over for good. Will we see him return to Gilead in Season 4? And if we do, in what capacity?

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[Warning: The below and gallery above contain MAJOR spoilers for Season 3 of The Handmaid's Tale.]

On the one hand, June's (Elisabeth Moss) plan worked. On the other hand, it nearly cost her her life.

In the Season 3 finale, June, with help from handmaids and Marthas, was able to get as many of the children of Gilead out to Canada as she could, but she ran into some trouble along the way. In order to distract airport guards, June was willing to sacrifice herself and ended up luring one of them into the woods, where both she and he fired their guns. He wounded her, but she killed him (after forcing him to give the "all clear" over his radio).

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The kids made it out to freedom, as did a couple of Marthas with them, but we don't know what will happen to those who stayed behind in Gilead to ensure their success. That's not the only question we have for Season 4, so click through the gallery above to see what else we need to know.

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