Who Will Die in ‘The Good Doctor’ Season 3 Finale? (PHOTOS)

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The Good Doctor Season 3 Finale Death
ABC/Art Streiber
The Good Doctor Season 3 Finale Death Shaun
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Even though “Hurt” ended with Shaun in the most at-risk position in the field — underneath the brewpub, with water pouring in near him and his patient after an aftershock — we know he’s going to survive. After all, he’s the lead and executive producer Erin Gunn told TV Insider that after the events of the finale, “he’ll very much be in a different place at the top of Season 4.”

The Good Doctor Season 3 Finale Death Claire Andrews Morgan
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Claire, Andrews, and Morgan

Unless there’s another aftershock that leads to severe damage at the hospital, it’s unlikely one of these three will be in any danger. Claire was outside the brewpub when the aftershock hit, while the other two were back at the hospital treating the injured.

The Good Doctor Season 3 Finale Death Lea


Lea was inside the brewpub when the initial earthquake hit and even fell through a floor, but she was relatively unscathed when she was rescued. Now, there could be an injury that has yet to be diagnosed, but it seems more likely that her finale story will be coming to terms with the danger Shaun put himself in to try to rescue her. Do those two have a future after their recent conflict?

The Good Doctor Season 3 Finale Death Lim Park

Park and Lim

Both were on scene and inside the brewpub when the aftershock hit, and as long as they remain there, there’s always the danger of something happening to either one of them. But the chances of that are low.

The Good Doctor - Season 3 - Finale Death Glassman - Richard Schiff
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Following the earthquake, Glassman’s shoulder was dislocated, and he set it himself before immediately going to treat the injured. Then, when he arrived back at the hospital, he went into back-to-back-to-back surgeries, and it doesn’t look like he’s going to rest any time soon. We don’t know if he could’ve suffered another injury and be ignoring — or not reporting — it.

Nicholas Gonzalez as Dr. Neil Melendez in the season 3 finale of The Good Doctor
ABC/Darko Sikman


Melendez immediately began tending to the wounded (including one of his former patients) after the earthquake. Claire gave him a quick check, but he insisted that he was fine. A beam did hit his side and he had a bruise, one he brushed aside for the time being. But at the end of the episode, he threw up before collapsing, so he’s probably in the most danger of dying going into the finale.

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 3, Episode 19 of The Good Doctor, “Hurt.”]

San Jose was rocked by a massive earthquake in the penultimate episode of The Good Doctor Season 3, and not everyone will survive.

That’s what fans have been bracing themselves for ever since the promos for these last two episodes of the season, and we already know that as a result, there will be some changes in the already-picked up Season 4.

Two of the doctors — Glassman (Richard Schiff) and Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez) — were at an event, along with Lea (Paige Spara) when the earthquake hit. The rest of the doctors have leapt into action to help the injured, and by the end of Episode 19, that includes one of their own.

Click through the gallery above to see the characters’ chances of survival, from most to least likely.

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