'The Baker and the Beauty': Why ABC Should Renew the Romantic Dramedy

Meredith Jacobs
The Baker and the Beauty Reasons to Renew
ABC/Nino Munoz

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Season 1 finale of The Baker and the Beauty, "You Can't Always Get What You Want."]

Let's hope that finale title doesn't apply to the future of the ABC dramedy.

The Baker and the Beauty ended its first season on a high note—for superstar and fashion mogul Noa Hamilton (Nathalie Kelley) and baker Daniel Garcia (Victor Rasuk), at least. The couple surprised his family by announcing their engagement ... just as the Garcias were trying to decide what to do about the future of their business.

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'The Baker and the Beauty' Boss: Noa & Daniel's Big Decision Is 'Just the Beginning'

Plus, showrunner Dean Georgaris reveals what changed drastically from the original plan for Season 1.

The series has yet to be renewed, but showrunner Dean Georgaris is optimistic. "It would have been very easy for ABC to just say no to everything that was even remotely on the fence, and so for both us and [For Life], the fact that we're still very much alive means a lot to all of us," he said.

But let's hope that there's good news coming because the series deserves a second season. Scroll down to see why we want to see Noa, Daniel, and the rest of the characters on our screen again.