How Will Clarke Get Josephine Out of Her Head on ‘The 100’? 5 Theories (PHOTOS)

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The Face Behind the Glass
Diyah Pera/The CW
The Children of Gabriel
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They’ll use the Flame

The Flame and the chip put in Clarke’s head seem to be cousins, at least technologically. It’s possible Madi could use the Flame to get more information about the chip in Clarke’s neck, or even to find out how it could be removed (do the Primes have a removal code?). Becca Pramheda is inside the Flame, and her scientific knowledge would be a great resource to the group.

The Face Behind the Glass
Shane Harvey/The CW

The other planet and/or the temporal anomaly is involved somehow

This show wouldn’t have pointed these things out for nothing. Sanctum is located on a moon, which means it’s orbiting… something? Another planet, it seems. Could something on the other planet fry the chip or render it useless? It’s more likely that the other planet will become relevant in the season finale, but it could have something to do with Clarke breaking free of Josephine’s control.

Also potentially relevant is the “temporal anomaly.” If the group took Clarke there, would the chip be deactivated?

The Face Behind the Glass
Shane Harvey/The CW

A transfusion with red blood

The Primes can only be Nightbloods, but what would happen if Clarke got a transfusion with red blood? Would it kill her, or would it simply deactivate the chip? The Flame killed those who tried to use it with red blood, but we haven’t heard if the Primes work the same way.

The Face Behind the Glass
Shane Harvey/The CW

Clarke fights back against Josephine

This is all but confirmed to be happening, given what we saw in the trailer for this season (though, of course with this show, what was seen and what it could end up meaning might be totally different). Footage has shown Clarke confronting herself at Mount Weather, which seems to imply she isn’t totally gone — she might just be trapped inside the chip. If that’s true, Clarke could have to face her own demons before she fights Josephine for control of her body.

There’s evidence to the contrary, though: If Clarke “facing her demons” is because she’s trying to get her true self back, then why does Octavia do the same?

The Face Behind the Glass
Shane Harvey/The CW

“Josephine” is reunited with Gabriel

The show made sure to mention that Gabriel might still be alive, though at this point, he’d be quite old. Josephine and Gabriel were almost a couple, and it seemed like they knew each other well. If the real Gabriel is able to talk to Josephine, might he be able to convince her to relinquish her hold on Clarke and tell her about her father’s misdeeds?

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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for the Episode 4 of The 100, “The Face Behind the Glass.”]

Last week’s The 100 featured one of the biggest plot twists the show has ever done — and it left Clarke Griffin’s (Eliza Taylor) fate very, very much in midair.

Technically, she’s no longer Clarke. She has Clarke’s face and voice, sure, but she’s inhabited and controlled by Josephine Prime thanks to a chip in her neck… a change her friends, her mom, and her daughter are sure to notice sooner rather than later.

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Sanctum’s leaders say the process is irreversible, but have they ever tried? If the past five seasons have taught us anything, it’s that when Clarke’s in danger, there’s always a group of people willing to save her. Her own bravery and brain help her get out of trouble, too. And even when she’s not in control of her situation, she always finds ways to fight back.

Here are five ways we think Josephine might get kicked out of this fearless leader.

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