13 of the Best Bellamy & Clarke Moments on ‘The 100’ (PHOTOS)

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How We Get To Peace
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Earth Skills
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“Brave princess.”

Before there was “the head and the heart,” there was “brave princess.” It’s been so long since these two were genuinely, completely at odds that it’s almost jarring to see them butting heads — almost as jarring as seeing Bellamy’s hair in the Pilot episode.

The eldest Blake’s snarky quip proved he’d heard Finn’s nickname for Clarke and found it fitting, but he doesn’t quite deliver it with the same level of puppy-eyed flirtation. Instead they get into each other’s space and argue, a dance that would become second nature throughout the show’s first season. Ah, the good old days.

Human Trials
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“Now there’s something I thought I’d never see.”

Though their current dynamic rests somewhere between these first two moments, it was heartwarming to see these two reunited after not knowing whether the other was still alive.

Clarke’s concern for him in Mount Weather — and his concern for her, on the ground — made it clear that these two were no longer at odds, and that they cared deeply for each other. While it might not have been an expected sight for Octavia in Season 1, she’d get used to seeing them together in seasons to come.

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“Together?” “Together.”

An iconic moment not just for fans of the Bellamy and Clarke friendship, but for fans of the show itself. Faced with an impossible choice on whether or not to irradiate Mount Weather in order to save the people they loved, the friends chose to pull the lever in unison, thus bearing the weight of those deaths… well, together.

This was another landmark moment for the couple, and bonded them for the rest of the show’s run. Up until that point, Bellamy and Clarke were friends, but so were Clarke and Raven, so were Bellamy and Jasper, etc. Their shared guilt over what happened at Mount Weather was the first in a series of awful decisions they were forced to make as a unit, and it affected their storylines throughout the following season.

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“I’ll do anything, I’ll stop fighting, just please don’t kill him!”

It was all going so well… until Roan (RIP, Roan kom Azgeda) showed up. Bellamy managed to sneak his way through a grounder army to find where the exiled prince was hiding Clarke, and the pair shared a brief reunion. He was joyful, but she was nervous — and a few moments later, it became abundantly clear why.

Clarke begged for her friend’s life, and Roan obliged: perhaps the young leader should’ve chosen her words more carefully. Though not dead, Bellamy was left severely wounded and unable to pursue them as Roan took Clarke to Polis. That didn’t stop him from trying, though, and he might have gotten himself killed had Monty and Kane not urged him to give it a rest.

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“You need me?…You left me!”

Perhaps the first truly heartbreaking “Bellarke” moment came in “Hakeldama,” when Clarke snuck into Arkadia to convince Bellamy they needed to make amends to the grounders for Pike’s massacre. If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of both of their hearts breaking.

The scene is made worse by the fact that both parties involved have good reason to be upset. Clarke’s anger at Bellamy for going along with Pike’s mass murder of a peaceful army is well-founded, but so is Bellamy’s hurt at Clarke’s abandonment of him. She seemed to go against that “together” mantra they established in the Season 2 finale, and it caused them both intense pain (and Bellamy’s first betrayal).

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“What do you do when you realize you might not be the good guy?”

This scene was also heartbreaking, but in a heartwarming kind of way. After Lexa’s death and with ALIE wreaking havoc across the grounder nations, everything was falling down around the remaining members of The 100. But Bellamy, now weighed down by the heaviness of his sins, was having a hard time coming to terms with the atrocities he committed under Pike’s rule.

Clarke repeated the phrase her mom once told her, “There are no good guys,” and gave Bellamy a comforting hug. Like most moments between the two, it was interrupted. But at least they got a moment of peace and reconciliation before chaos exploded again, and buried whatever hatchet might have come between them in the past. It was good to see the co-leaders working together again — the rest of the season would need them as a united front.

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“Start with Bellamy Blake.”

Poor Clarke. Poor Abby. The Griffin women can’t really catch a break on this show, and this example proves not only the strength of their bond — Abby, and thus ALIE, knows who Clarke is closest to — but the strength of the bond between Bellamy and Clarke.

ALIE’s suggestion that they start torturing Bellamy to get Clarke to break isn’t a “Bellarke” moment at all, but it’s evidence of how much the latter cares about the former. There isn’t much capable of breaking Clarke Griffin’s iron will, but the nasty AI inhabiting her mother’s head knows how to break her resolve. It’s another piece of evidence supporting how close the two became, and how quickly Clarke reacts to the notion of Bellamy being hurt.

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“If I’m on that list, you’re on that list. Write it down.”

Bellamy and Clarke make a habit of carrying the heaviest loads together, and this scene is no exception. Tasked with writing a list of who should survive from Arkadia in Priamfiya, Clarke struggles with whether or not to write her own name down. Bellamy awakens to hear her crying, and insists that if he deserves a spot, she does, too.

After everything the two of them endured together, they know each other’s souls, and he knows that she’s a good person despite the sacrifices she’s had to make and the morally gray areas into which she’s had to tread. Bellamy’s determination to put Clarke on the list proves that he knows she’s worthy of survival, even when she isn’t so sure.

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“I got you for that.”

The Season 4 finale was painful all-around, but in hindsight, this moment means even more to the Bellamy and Clarke friendship than meets the eye. Bellamy, unable to even accept the possibility that Clarke might not make it to space with the rest of the group, reassures her that she’ll be fine, and that he has her to make the kinds of logical decisions his big heart won’t stay out of. Clarke, not so sure, gives him a speech about how he needs to use his head to be a good leader, and earlier in the episode they hug.

This served as a makeshift goodbye, but also as a summary of their relationship throughout the previous seasons. Clarke called out Bellamy’s emotion-addled decision-making. He called out her constant reliance on reason. They laughed a bit about how they didn’t like each other at first. It was the perfect bookend to the “Bellarke” that was, because when they were reunited, nothing would be the same.

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“I don’t know why I still do this every day.”

After Clarke’s shocking self-sacrifice at the end of Season 4, fans were relieved to see the credits weren’t rolling just yet…and surprised to see she’d adopted a young Nightblood named Madi. Perhaps least surprising was the identity of the person she called on the radio every day during her years “alone” on the ground: Bellamy Blake.

Clarke sets up her satellite and radio and, though she says she doesn’t know why she keeps calling him every day (for the past six years!) it’s clear she trusts Bellamy and even misses him while he’s in space. He has yet to learn he has thousands of missed calls from Clarke — his reaction would certainly be an interesting sight.

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“She is.”

“Bellarke” fan or not, this moment was a real tearjerker. After not seeing each other for six years and thousands of unanswered radio calls, Bellamy and Clarke were finally reunited; too bad one had a shock collar around her throat, and the other had a series of rifles pointed at him. A happy reunion would’ve been too good to be true, on The 100.

While Diyoza assumed Clarke must have been pretty important to Bellamy if he was bargaining so many lives for hers, this moment was important for yet another reason. It proved, without an ounce of doubt, how much the former co-leaders still mattered to each other despite six years of separation. At that point, they’d been apart longer than they’d ever been together. Yet Bellamy still shows up to save her, and she cries upon seeing him again.

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“You’re really here.”

Thankfully, Bellamy and Clarke were given more time to reunite after their initial realization the other person was alive. Bellamy makes a deal with Diyoza to open the bunker, and sets Clarke free.

For her part, Clarke seemed to believe Bellamy had been her hallucination. When she sees him again — and realizes he’s quite real — she cries. The pair share not one, but two hugs in the extremely emotional and powerful scene.

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“Bellamy’s not dead, Clarke.”

Worth inclusion simply for the way Eliza Taylor portrays Clarke’s vulnerability. Though Bellamy is happy with Echo, Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship is still incredibly meaningful to them both — as clearly seen when Clarke learns her abandoning Bellamy to fight in Octavia’s arena didn’t result in his death.

Her expression changes to one of total shock, and she blinks rapidly, as if to fend off tears. This revelation stuns Clarke, but she doesn’t look displeased to hear it. If anything, it makes their reunion in the season finale all the more interesting.

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Wish them romantic or wish them platonic, there is perhaps no dynamic more central to the plot and inner workings of The CW’s The 100 than that between Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin.

The pair have run the gamut from enemies, to friends, to strangers and back a multitude of times. Their relationship can’t be encompassed in a single word: they’re companions, they’re partners, but they’re more than that. What exactly that is? It just might surpass definition.

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More often than not, the healthiness of their relationship is a barometer for the conflict on the show. If things aren’t good between “Bellarke,” things aren’t usually going great for anyone else, either.

With a relationship so multifaceted, there are bound to be intense moments; heartwarming, heartbreaking, hard to watch and hard to look away from. Here are some of our favorite moments between The 100’s head and heart. If we missed your favorite, let us know in the comments!