5 Deliciously Entertaining Thanksgiving Episodes on Hulu (PHOTOS)

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Will & Grace

“Lows in the Mid-Eighties,” Season 3, Episodes 8 and 9

The series flashes back to before Will and Grace (Debra Messing and Eric McCormack) became best friends: In college, they were a badly coiffed, nearly affianced couple. Inspired by out-and-proud Jack (Sean Hayes), Will knows he must tell Grace he’s gay, which is doubly difficult since they’re at her parents’ house for the holiday dinner.

Fresh off the Boat – Constance Wu
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Fresh Off the Boat

“Huangsgiving,” Season 2, Episode 8

The rivalry between Jessica (Constance Wu) and her sister Connie (Susan Park) heats up after their mom picks Jessica to host the family meal. Jessica plans to one-up Connie by serving Cornish hens rather than her sister’s traditional duck. But her scheme goes awry when the hens arrive alive, hubby Louis (Randall Park) is knocked out playing football and no one turns on the oven.

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How I Met Your Mother

“Slapsgiving,” Season 3, Episode 9

Most of us spend the holidays dodging verbal digs from family. Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) evades real blows from friend Marshall (Jason Segel) — who, due to a bet, has free rein to smack his buddy. The thwacks don’t end there: In Season 5’s “Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap,” Marshall passes the custom on to pals Robin (Cobie Smulders) and Ted (Josh Radnor).

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

“The Gang Squashes Their Beefs,” Season 9, Episode 10

The gang (Glenn Howerton, Kaitlin Olson, Rob McElhenney, Danny DeVito and Charlie Day) pledges to spend Thanksgiving the way the Pilgrims and Native Americans did: eating with the enemy. They want to make good with those they’ve hurt, including high school rivals and an unpaid landlord — yet getting their victims drunk and forcing them to sign a peace treaty fails. As does locking them in a burning apartment.

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Raising Hope

“Meet the Grandparents,” Season 1, Episode 9

Single dad Jimmy (Lucas Neff) only wants to give his baby daughter, Hope, the most traditional first Thanksgiving possible rather than the pathetic pizza parties of his own childhood. So, he invites her maternal grandparents (Valerie Mahaffey and Greg Germann) over for a big meal — and, being slightly psychotic, they kidnap the child.

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Christmas hogs the spotlight when it comes to holiday TV — even if a series’ Thanksgiving episode is its true treat. Think: Cheers’ famed food toss and WKRP in Cincinnati’s bird drop. And those are just old faves. This century has plenty of Turkey Day greats, in which characters break bread and hearts — in deliciously funny ways.

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