10 Monsters of the Week ‘Supernatural’s Final Season Should Revisit (PHOTOS)

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Supernatural monsters
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Why not revisit the first monster Sam and Dean hunted once they officially hit the road together? (The Woman in White was supposed to be a one-time thing for Sam until Jessica’s murder.)

Bad Day at Black Rock
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Cursed Objects

Who could forget “Bad Day at Black Rock” and Sam losing his shoe? Since the rabbit’s foot, the brothers have encountered several other cursed objects, but considering these objects can be everyday items, they can lead to some memorable hunts and deaths (like the ballet slippers in “Out With the Old”).

Bedtime Stories
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Crossroads Demon

We’ve seen the Winchesters encounter people who’ve made deals and we’ve seen them make deals themselves (or at least try to) with these demons over the course of the series. We don’t need to see any of the characters we know try to sell their souls again, but a case-of-the-week involving one would work.

Monster Movie
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We’ve seen shapeshifters quite a few times, but it would be a nice callback to the beginning of the series and particularly the Season 1 episode, “Skin.”

I Believe the Children Are Our Future
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The Anti-Christ

Jesse Turner memorably wanted to be good, but we haven’t seen him since he vanished at the end of “I Believe the Children Are Our Future.” Considering what they’re facing after the end of Season 14, maybe having someone with his power on their side could be helpful.

Supernatural 221 djinn
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A djinn could be one way of seeing a different kind of episode in the final season, like Dean seeing what life would’ve been like if his mother hadn’t been killed in “What Is and What Should Never Be” or Charlie’s nightmare video game in “Pac-Man Fever.”

Supernatural hellhound
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These creatures memorably dragged Dean to hell in Season 3. We’d love to see Dean face off against one one more time before the end.

Supernatural - 'Shut Up, Dr. Phil' - James Marsters as Don and Charisma Carpenter as Maggie
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Sam and Dean have dealt with numerous witches over the years, and while some have helped them and become friends and/or allies, there are others who’ve proven to be trouble. Whether we see witches we know or new ones, it would only be fitting to have one last hunt involving witches.

The Benders
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The scariest monsters can be plain ol’ humans, as “The Benders” taught us in Season 1.

Of Grave Importance
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There’s just something about a good ol’ fashioned haunting that gives us a classic Supernatural feel. Let’s hope that the final season includes at least one.

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“Welcome to the end,” God (Rob Benedict) informed Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles), and Castiel (Misha Collins) in the Supernatural Season 14 finale, before unleashing souls from hell and leaving them in the middle of a cemetery full of zombies.

And as we saw elsewhere, monsters they’d already faced, going back to Season 1, were back, too. We saw a Woman in White approaching a man in a car, a clown arrive at a kid’s birthday party, and Bloody Mary in a mirror.

There are some other monsters we’d like to see the series revisit before the end, so click through the gallery above for our picks.

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