Go Behind the Scenes of 'Supernatural' Season 13 With the Cast (PHOTOS)

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Supernatural - Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki
Dean Buscher/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Jensen Ackles (Dean) and Jared Padalecki (Sam) rest easy with their Baby. Of the nine black Impalas on the Vancouver set, “six run. The rest are prop cars,” reveals executive producer Andrew Dabb. “We have a great crew that takes care of them. Jensen is very protective and possessive — and Jared knows that the cars are Jensen’s. Whenever Jared gets to drive, it’s an event.”

Jack Rowand/The CW

“The three amigos put on their game faces,” jokes Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer) with Christian Keyes (Michael) and Samantha Smith (Mary). Michael and Lucifer often tried to kill the Winchester mom, but the actors are buddies. “Mark is really funny,” Dabb says. “Samantha is great, though we put her through the wringer the last two years.”

Supernatural - Jared Padalecki, Alexander Calvert
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Just a typical father/surrogate son heart-to-heart! Here, Sam and Jack (Alexander Calvert) investigate a grave site for ghoul activity. Serious stuff? Sort of. “Jared was either making a fart joke or recounting an oddly specific piece of World War II trivia,” jokes Calvert, who survived his costar’s attempt to make him laugh.

ean Buscher /Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc

“In this scene, I’m sitting in Heaven’s jail,” says Misha Collins, whose angel Castiel gets in trouble in pretty much every dimension. “When I forget my lines, I tend to look up, so I can only surmise that I forgot my dialogue at this moment. Maybe I should ask the crew to hang cue cards on the ceiling for me!”

Robert Falconer/The CW

“It was exciting for Felicia Day to be back,” Dabb says of the actress (with Ackles) whose character, hunter Charlie, last appeared in 2015. “And it was exciting for us as well!” Adds
Ackles: “What I love about our set is how genuinely we enjoy one another’s company — which includes showing personal videos of our families or not-so-personal videos of something absurd.”

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It's always a good time on set with the Winchesters!

Go behind the scenes of CW's Supernatural with Dean (Jensen Ackles), Sam (Jared Padalecki), and more familiar faces in this insider gallery. Scroll through the images above to see all of your favorites filming Season 13 and catch some of the fun between takes.

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