Stuff We Love Right Now: Comedy Specials Edition

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Ryan Hamilton

Ryan Hamilton: Happy Face

Available on Netflix

Idaho native Ryan Hamilton is an absolute delight to watch in his first-ever special. Part John Mulaney, part Brian Regan — and part potatoes, probably — he is the wholesome, hysterical friend I always wished I had. His sharp wit and self-deprecating charm pair perfectly with innocent topics like hot-air ballooning and snail mail. This is the type of stand-up performance you’ll go back to again and again — and trust me, I do. — Molly Baxter, Editorial Intern

The Everett Collection

Richard Pryor: Live in Concert

Available on Netflix

The revolutionary Richard Pryor mined his personal demons to become the king of freewheeling, soul-baring stand-up, and every comic since has sought to reach the mark he hit with this entertaining 1979 special. A peerless mimic and creator of characters, Pryor is a brutally honest raconteur, telling hilarious stories about sex, death, childhood, domestic turmoil, racial injustice and his own troubles (including drug addiction and a near-fatal heart attack). No one cut as deep. — Christopher Wallenberg, Researcher


Steve Martin & Martin Short: An Evening You Will Forget for the Rest of Your Life

Available on Netflix

For anyone who’s a fan of these two living legends, this 2018 special is a must-see. Steve Martin’s banjo playing — along with his wild and crazy references to former Saturday Night Live characters like King Tut — are sublime, and Martin Short’s look back at his nerdy Ed Grimley and uninformed TV interviewer Jiminy Glick personas are spot-on. As they ruminate on their decades-long friendship, which began on the set of 1986’s ¡Three Amigos!, I truly wonder how the years passed by so quickly. — Mike Ankener, Marketing Director


Maria Bamford: Old Baby

Available on Netflix

You know those summer days when you eat too much Dairy Queen, fall asleep at the beach, dream that a unicorn stole your swimsuit and wake up singing? That’s what Old Baby from Maria Bamford is like. It’s a DQ Peanut Buster Parfait (the dessert Bamford says she needs if you make her leave the house) of surreal scenarios and wacky characters alongside tales about her mental illness and middle-aged sexcapades. She even pokes fun at stand-up, with settings ranging from her living room to a bowling alley. Submit to the rainbow sprinkle strangeness and enjoy. — Kate Hahn, Staff Writer

Comedian Eddie Izzard Speaks At New Yorker Magazine Festival
Keith Bedford/Getty Images

Eddie Izzard: Dress to KiLL

Available on iTunes, Netflix DVD

I’d never seen anyone quite like Eddie Izzard when I first encountered this 1999 Emmy-winning special. Not only does the British comedian slay his audience with ingenious routines about religion and world history, he does so while sporting heels and a fully made-up face — and he’s just as uninhibited cracking wise about his transvestism. Talk about blazing trails! — Diane Snyder, Copy Editor

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In this special edition of Stuff We Love, the staff of TV Guide Magazine and TV Insider are sharing what comedy specials are making them laugh.

From Steve Martin to Maria Bamford, these specials had us in stitches. Click through the gallery above to see what’s on their list!

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