‘SEAL Team’: 8 Questions We Have for a Season 6

David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes, Neil Brown Jr. as Ray Perry in SEAL Team

SEAL Team left us needing more after its Season 5 finale — but that could very well be it for the military drama.

The CBS-turned-Paramount+ series has yet to be renewed for a sixth season, though star and executive producer David Boreanaz noted to TV Insider, “We’ve done great for Paramount+. You look at the numbers and the streaming, and then we’ve been trending as one of their number one shows for the past few weeks. So we’re doing good for ’em.”

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Will There Be a 'SEAL Team' Season 6? David Boreanaz on the Future & Move to Paramount+

'I have to get over this in order to get there,' Boreanaz says of his character. 'I think that's Jason's life.'

This comes as Boreanaz’s Jason Hayes and the rest of Bravo was last seen ambushed and under heavy fire (including RPGs!), just after Clay Spenser (Max Thieriot) announced his plans to leave the team and be home for his wife and new baby. Will everyone survive? That’s only one of the questions we have for a possible sixth season. Scroll down for more.

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Bravo in SEAL Team

Who will survive?

Bravo had a quick turnaround from the omega op to a mission that took them to Mali, West Africa, to capture a member of SGS rising in the ranks. If he had actionable intel, they would then follow up on it. But they were attacked once on the ground, and last we saw them, it wasn’t looking good (photo above). Will Jason, Ray Perry (Neil Brown Jr.), Clay, Sonny Quinn (A.J. Buckley), and Brock Reynolds (Justin Melnick) all survive?

Justin Melnick as Brock Reynolds, Max Thieriot as Clay Spenser in SEAL Team

Will anyone be seriously injured?

Bravo was bruised and bloody — Jason was shot in the arm, with Ray patching it up best he could — before the RPGs. It’s hard to imagine, if all of them survive, someone not suffering an injury that means at least some physical therapy.

Max Thieriot as Clay Spenser in SEAL Team

Will Clay actually leave Bravo?

On their way to Mali, Clay told Jason that it was going to be his last run with the team; he planned to put up for Green Team so he could be there for his family, at least for the near future. (He and Alona Tal’s Stella did, after all, just bring their son home.) Jason told him it was the smartest decision he ever made, and he and Bravo would be there whenever he wanted to return. But how might the fallout of the ambush and what comes next in West Africa affect Clay’s decision?

David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes in SEAL Team

How much longer will Jason be able to operate?

As was explored in more detail than before this season, Jason has a TBI, one that has started to affect his memory (as seen in his exercise with the fridge, then on a mission that nearly got his entire team killed). He has treatment options, but first he has to make it home in one piece — and that appears to be easier said than done, considering Bravo’s situation. He’d told Clay he’d be there when he wanted to return, but will he? Jason tried leaving operating in the past (and that didn’t last), but might he not have a choice sooner rather than later?

Toni Trucks as Lisa Davis in SEAL Team

Will Davis' paper truly change anything?

Lisa Davis (Toni Trucks) may have made some enemies with her paper focusing on their warfighters’ safety, but she also made at least one friend in Captain Reyes, who directly reports to the Deputy Undersecretary of the Navy for Policy and focuses on policy and strategy across naval operations. He shares her concerns, he told her, and offered her a seat at the table to be part of the solution. But, he also warned, change takes time. Is it feasible to expect anything will be significantly different in a sixth season?

AJ Buckley as Sonny Quinn, Toni Trucks as Lisa Davis in SEAL Team
Ron P. Jaffe/CBS

Will Sonny and Davis get back together?

Oh, the on-again, off-again relationship of Sonny and Davis. After hitting a pretty low low — he blamed her for Hannah (Rachel Boston) leaving him — he apologized in the finale and made it clear that his feelings for her are still very much there. “I might not have all the things I love in my life, but two out of three ain’t bad, right?” Sonny pointed out before giving her a significant look while commenting that some things are irreplaceable. And considering she wanted to tell Sonny before Grant (Matthew Hancock) of her meeting with Reyes, something tells us those two could be working their way back to each other soon.

Jessica Paré as Mandy Ellis, David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes in SEAL Team
Erik Voake/CBS

Can Jason and Mandy make a relationship work?

Jason and Mandy Ellis (Jessica Paré) seem to be ready to turn their casual meet-ups at a hotel into an actual relationship. He put himself out there and was honest about what he’s been dealing with, and last we saw her, she was with his daughter Emma (Kerri Medders) at Stella’s baby shower while Bravo was under attack. But as Boreanaz pointed out, “It’s such a struggle to really define happiness for this guy in a way.”

Parisa Fakhri as Naima, Neil Brown Jr. as Ray Perry in SEAL Team

Will Ray and Naima open the veterans center?

“Just looking to do more for our brothers and sisters who go to war, get chewed up and come back home broken,” Ray explained to Jason. “Just trying to make sure there’s something back home at the end of this for all of us.” It was a project that took a backseat to the omega op, but upon returning home, Ray found out that the vet they’d been trying to help overdosed. Will they have a chance to finally make that happen in a sixth season?