8 Questions We Still Have After the ‘New Amsterdam’ Series Finale

Ryan Eggold, Molly Griggs, Tyler Labine, and Mike Doyle in 'New Amsterdam'
Ralph Bavaro/NBC

New Amsterdam has ended its five-season run on NBC, but the finale left quite a few things open-ended — and we just can’t let that go.

The last episode played out over two time periods. In the present day, Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) said goodbye to the hospital for a new job in Geneva with the World Health Organization. He left the keys to New Amsterdam with his new girlfriend, Dr. Elizabeth Wilder (Sandra Mae Frank), but their future was up in the air. Meanwhile, we also followed the new medical director as she arrived, with the final scene revealing that she’s the adult version of Max’s daughter Luna (Molly Griggs).

But the executive producers have ideas about how the show could continue and where, and plenty of loose ends could be addressed, whether in a revival or a spinoff. Scroll down as we take a look at the burning questions we still have for the medical drama.

Ryan Eggold in 'New Amsterdam'
Ralph Bavaro/NBC

Did Max end up with Helen or Wilder?

The finale left that up in the air intentionally. “We wanted to leave it on this note of possibility. Yeah, he’s going to Europe. Helen [Freema Agyeman] lives in Europe, but he’s really leaving the show in love with Wilder and giving her the keys to his most precious thing other than his daughter, which is New Amsterdam, executive producer Peter Horton told TV Insider.

Max and Helen, at the end of the series, hadn’t spoken since she didn’t fly to New York for their wedding; rather, after a phone call, she sent him a letter. She did send him a message to meet when she was in town later, but rather than go inside the bar to join her, Max went to Wilder’s and kissed her. But did he end up with the woman we watched him fall in love with over years or the one we’d just seen him happy with in the final episodes of the series?

Ryan Eggold as Dr. Max Goodwin in 'New Amsterdam' - Season 5
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Where is Max in the future?

When Luna gives her Max-like speech in front of the staff of New Amsterdam, it didn’t sound like he was dead. He could be retired, he could still be in Europe, he could be back in the U.S. If we ever see more of that time period in some way (more about that shortly), could he pop up again to ask someone in the halls of the hospital, “how can I help?”

Molly Griggs as Dr. Luna Goodwin in 'New Amsterdam'
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What kind of doctor and medical director is Luna?

We know she’s continuing her father’s legacy of “how can I help?” with her speech at the end, but how would she make that her own? Would she build a family at the hospital like Max did? So much of her introduction was mirroring Max’s own in the series premiere, but we have a feeling that the similarities would end quickly after the reveal of who she is.

Molly Griggs as Dr. Luna Goodwin in 'New Amsterdam' - Season 5
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Is anyone from Max's time as medical director still at New Amsterdam for Luna's?

We didn’t recognize anyone in the auditorium during Luna’s speech, but that doesn’t mean that everyone who worked at the hospital when Max did has moved on. After all, that could have been to leave things open-ended, plus you never know what could have been going on at the time or what could still happen even an hour later.

Janet Montgomery and Kathryn Prescott in 'New Amsterdam' - Season 5
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Can Bloom and her sister repair their relationship?

Dr. Lauren Bloom (Janet Montgomery) was the happiest we’ve probably ever seen her at the end of the series. She’d found a new place, and her sister, Vanessa (Kathryn Prescott), had (finally) joined her in an NA meeting. But that’s just the first step towards the two making amends, given their history with each other and their mother. Plus, it was Vanessa’s first step to sobriety; that would have challenges as well.

Toya Turner and Jocko Sims in 'New Amsterdam'
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Is Reynolds truly going to find the life he wants with Gabrielle?

To say that Dr. Floyd Reynolds (Jocko Sims) hasn’t been lucky in love would be an understatement, though he’s been clear about what he wants since the very beginning. However, at the end of the series, it seemed that things were finally working out for him and he had a future with traveling nurse Gabrielle (Toya Turner), with the two last seen sitting down for dinner with his family. But while given his history, we wouldn’t be surprised if a few months later, he was single again, it sounds like it might work out.

“We knew our series was ending and we were like, we’ve been torturing this man for five years. He deserves the thing he wants,” executive producer David Schulner said. “But honestly, I think once he healed that rift between him and his father, that freed him up in a way, emotionally to accept love from the right person.”

Tyler Labine and Mike Doyle in 'New Amsterdam'
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Can Iggy and Martin make their marriage work this time?

To say that Dr. Iggy Frome (Tyler Labine) and Martin’s (Mike Doyle) relationship was messy in the final season would be an understatement. In a few episodes’ time, they went from seemingly on the verge of getting back together to signing divorce papers to dating again to remarrying. We just hope that their time apart, figuring things out, means that they last this time.

Ryan Eggold in 'New Amsterdam'
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Is this truly the end of New Amsterdam?

Schulner and Horton are both in if the opportunity arises.

“We’re kind of feeling like we should come back in some form, but it’s not up to us. We can only sit there and charge that windmill so many times,” Horton said. “[It] would probably be a series of some kind, probably on a streamer somewhere. I think we’re kinda open to whatever anyone wants to suggest.”

And Schulner already has possibilities in mind: “You could follow Max in Geneva. You could follow Luna in New Amsterdam. You could do both at the same time.”