What We're Excited to See From 'New Amsterdam' Characters in Season 3

New Amsterdam Season 3 What's Next Characters
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New Amsterdam ended its second season early, but fortunately, we already know that it will be back once production is able to resume. The series was renewed for three seasons earlier this year.

And while there are certainly plenty of questions that need to be answered about storylines and how the current real-world coronavirus pandemic might be incorporated into the show (including the effect on the already-filmed flu episode that was postponed), we're taking a look at where Season 2 left the characters.

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There was a bit of a shakeup with the introduction of Dr. Shin (Daniel Dae Kim), whose attitude may not mesh with Max's (Ryan Eggold) "how can I help?" approach and who may be a new love interest for Helen (Freema Agyeman). Meanwhile, several characters' personal storylines are complicated due to family matters, and there's always the question of what the future holds (and where it will take) Reynolds (Jocko Sims).

Scroll down as we examine what we're excited to see in New Amsterdam's characters' professional and personal lives in Season 3.

New Amsterdam Season 3 What's Next Max
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Dr. Max Goodwin

Professionally: It should be entertaining to watch Max deal with having Shin part of his staff, given their different approaches to treating patients. While Max may have had to amend his “how can I help?” approach a couple times in Season 2, that’ll likely continue to be part of his everyday life inside and outside the hospital. And as medical director of the hospital, he’ll likely be at the center of any storyline related to the pandemic.

Personally: He and Alice ended things in the makeshift finale, but that relationship allowed us to see what he’s like with someone other than Georgia. And while he may not be ready yet for a serious relationship, there is still the matter of addressing the clear chemistry and significant moments he has with Helen. Plus, how does he handle being a single father as Luna gets older?

New Amsterdam Season 3 What's Next Helen
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Dr. Helen Sharpe

Professionally: After being stripped of her titles earlier in the season, Helen was back where she belonged before the end of it: deputy medical director and head of the oncology department. How will she continue to work with Max? And will she adopt any of Shin’s approaches to the job?

Personally: While there is the matter of whatever there is between Helen and Max, she chose to spend the evening out with Shin instead of Max doing paperwork in the finale. Will anything come of that night out? Will there be a love triangle? Might this simply be a way to see Helen paying more attention to her life outside of the hospital without any romantic implications?

New Amsterdam Season 3 What's Next Bloom
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Dr. Lauren Bloom

Professionally: Bloom keeps the ED running on New Amsterdam, and that will likely continue to include dealing with her frustrations over Shin’s approach to choosing patients. But could that — or his impact on others — have any influence on her?

Personally: Bloom’s mother is back in her life, and while we want to hope that it’s smooth sailing from now on, chances are it won’t be. But let’s just hope that Bloom remains in recovery no matter what happens in her life. Hopefully we’ll continue to see Bloom and Helen’s friendship, and on the romantic front, she hasn’t had the best luck in partners, but perhaps that could change?

New Amsterdam Season 3 What's Next Kapoor
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Dr. Vijay Kapoor

Professionally: Of course we have to continue to see Kapoor come up with unusual diagnoses and spend way too much time with his patients. While retirement does have to come into play down the road, the series has plenty of time to get to that with the multi-season renewal, so that doesn’t need to come up next year.

Personally: We of course need an update on Ella’s pregnancy, and it would be great to check back in with Kapoor’s son. But what we’re especially interested in seeing play out is the potential relationship teased between Kapoor and Brantley in the finale. Romance aside, how might spending time together affect these two characters?

New Amsterdam Season 3 What's Next Iggy
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Dr. Iggy Frome

Professionally: Iggy had some memorable patients in Season 2, and we’ll likely see that continue. Let’s also continue to see him find ways to help people outside of his one-on-one (or one-on-two) sessions in his office, with programs at the hospital and out in the community.

Personally: Iggy had a messy season when it comes to his personal life. He was moving forward with adoption without telling his husband — leading to the two having a much-needed therapy session of their own — and we need to see more of those two at home and perhaps talking with someone in Season 3. Plus, the series needs to further explore what’s going on in Iggy’s head, whether through that possible narcissistic personality disorder diagnosis introduced midway through Season 2 or not.

New Amsterdam Season 3 What's Next Reynolds
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Dr. Floyd Reynolds

Professionally: Reynolds left New Amsterdam before the finale for San Francisco. With his fiancée moving there, he, too, took a job on the West Coast. Whether or not he returns to New York (perhaps the pandemic could bring him home?), let’s check in with him in Season 3. He could always be in town visiting family and stop by the hospital, or we could see him at work in San Francisco.

Personally: What does the future hold for Reynolds and Evie? Will we see their wedding? Will they get married? Will we see that he’s staying in touch with his friends at New Amsterdam? The series built up his and Bloom’s friendship and it would be a shame to just forget about it.

New Amsterdam Season 3 What's Next Shin
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Dr. Cassian Shin

Professionally: Shin is bound to shake things up at the hospital with his approach to his role at the hospital. He’s there to save trauma victims, which means things like naps and food. We haven’t really seen how he and Max will work together, so that should be quite entertaining to follow in Season 3. Will either be willing to budge during a disagreement?

Personally: The only glimpses we got of his personal life were brief interactions with Helen and the two going out after work, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be the next New Amsterdam couple. Whatever happens there could, however, give us some insight into Shin’s personal life and what he’s like outside of work.