5 New Movies Streaming on Netflix, From ‘Thunder Force’ to ‘Concrete Cowboy’

Thunder Force - Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer

Netflix’s movie slate is growing with plenty of must-see titles from various genres. Whether you’re looking for a laugh — if you are, lucky you, Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer are on tap — or want some foreign thrills, the streamer has you covered. Below, a roundup of 5 new films to stream now on the platform.

Jessica Kourkounis / Netflix

Concrete Cowboy

Saddle up for a moving coming-of-age tale starring Stranger Things Caleb McLaughlin as rebellious teen Cole, whose fed-up mom foists the boy on his estranged father, Harp (Idris Elba). Dad is a quirky modern-day cowboy who rides horses in the streets of Philadelphia — and even keeps one in his living room, much to the chagrin of Cole. To earn his keep, the kid tends to the animals, but can hard work save him from a life of crime? As one local remarks, “Horses ain’t the only thing that need breaking around here.” Available now


Sky High

This high-octane Spanish hit follows Ángel (Money Heist’s Miguel Herrán), a poor young mechanic who, driven to become rich and powerful at any cost, joins a crew of professional thieves. Netflix has already picked up the rights for a series based on this thriller, which blends well-choreographed robberies, mobsters, romance and status-seeking into two hours of nonstop action and tension. Available now

The Stand In - Drew Barrymore
The Everett Collection

The Stand In

Two Drew Barrymores are always better than one! The actress brings her effervescent charm to this comedy as Candy Black, a reclusive actress with a stalled career due to her bad behavior. She enlists her meek, look-alike film stand-in Paula (also Barrymore) to take her place in life…which Paula ends up wanting to make permanent. “It’s honestly the acting challenge of a lifetime,” Barrymore says of the dual roles. Available now

Melissa McCarthy as Lydia in Thunder Force
Hopper Stone/Netflix

Thunder Force

Move over, Falcon and the Winter Soldier. There’s a new superduo — and they’re just as marvelous (and way funnier)! Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer bring the LOLs as former friends who wind up as costumed crime fighters thanks to a tech company’s creations in this goofy action-comedy directed by McCarthy’s husband, Ben Falcone. Available now


A Week Away

In this family-friendly musical, delinquent teen Will Hawkins (Kevin Quinn) is sent to faith-based summer camp, where he falls for good girl Avery (Bailee Madison) and comes to terms with himself. Also heaven-sent: classic songs like “Baby, Baby” by Grammy winner Amy Grant, who makes a cameo! Available now