Behind the Scenes of ‘NCIS: LA’ Season 11 With the Cast (PHOTOS)

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Eric Christian Olsen/Instagram; Bill Goldberg/Instagram
Bill Goldberg/Instagram

Bill Goldberg announced his return as DOG Agent Lance Hamilton with his Instagram post on August 7.

Bill Goldberg/Instagram

Goldberg posted details of the “crazy weekend ahead,” which included filming his return to NCIS: Los Angeles, alongside this photo from set on August 10.

NCISLA Goldberg
Bill Goldberg/Instagram

Goldberg shared a video from the set on August 8. “Even #lancehamilton @ncisla needs a break from the heat,” he wrote in the caption.

Daniela Ruah reposted the video and added in the caption, “You can’t see me but I’m standing right behind his bicep.”

Eric Christian Olsen/Instagram

On August 7, Eric Christian Olsen posted this look at his return to set and his character, Deeks. “That’s not grey in my beard, that’s grey in YOUR beard! Day one. Season 11. Death of the Mountain man,” he wrote in the caption.

Daniela Ruah/Instagram

Ruah shared this photo of herself on the steps of her trailer on set on August 9.

Daniela Ruah/Instagram

Ruah posted this photo from set on August 8, with the quote, “No one expects the Spanish Inquisition” from Monty Python. She then added the hashtags #handstand, #badguydidntexpectthis, #gear #tacgear, #kensiblye, and #specialagentatwork” and tagged the show’s account.

Eric Christian Olsen/Instagram

“This is a visual representation of my work relationship with @danielaruah,” Olsen wrote in the caption of this photo he posted on August 8. “I do lots of hard work, dedicating 100% of myself to the art form, struggling to bring life and passion to every scene…..while she tries to hold me down, cackling like a crazed hyena in a yoga pants. #ncisla #season11 #imjoking #shesprettydope”

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It’s still summer, but the stars of NCIS: Los Angeles are already back at work on Season 11.

While fans are wondering just how the new season is going to resolve that major Season 10 finale cliffhanger — including what’s next for the JAG reunion — it looks like it’s back to work as usual, with a little help from their friends, for the team.

Series stars Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen and returning guest star Bill Goldberg have already posted photos offering a behind-the-scenes look at what to expect. Click through the gallery above to see some of the fun going on off-screen.

NCIS: Los Angeles, Season 11 Premiere, Sunday, September 29, 9:30/8:30c, CBS