The 10 Most In-Demand TV Series of the 2010s (PHOTOS)

Dan Clarendon

You can probably guess some of the most in-demand TV series of the 2010s—especially if the words demogorgon and Daenerys don’t sound like gobbledygook to you—but other shows in Parrot Analytics’ top 10 of the decade might surprise you.

Geek-friendly genre fare reigns supreme, for example, and one show in this pantheon even got the ax from its original network before finding a new home on Netflix.

The 10 Most In-Demand Streaming Originals Right Now (PHOTOS)

The 10 Most In-Demand Streaming Originals Right Now (PHOTOS)

From 'The Mandalorian' to 'Atypical' and 'Castle Rock,' these are the top titles in streaming right now.

For the ranking, Parrot Analytics compared each show’s total global demand since 2015—the year the company started collecting data—to the average global demand for a 2010s-era TV show in the same period.

Scroll through the slides above to see the top 10 of the decade, along with the levels to which they’ve exceeded average demand.