Everyone's Got Issues in 'Loudermilk' Season 2 (PHOTOS)

Jessica Napoli

Life comes at you hard, especially for recovering a recovering alcoholic and substance abuse counselor who just relapsed.

That's the theme of the second season of the AT&T Audience Network series Loudermilk. The new episodes follow Loudermilk (Ron Livingston) after his relapse in New Orleans.

He's also had a "falling out with his best friend and sponsor, Ben (Will Sasso)" and "is back in Seattle trying to piece his world back together," according to a press release.

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"With his Sober Friends meeting hijacked, a messy new relationship,and a stumbling start back into writing, Loudermilk is forced to do a little soul searching (which he hates) and decide what he wants from life," the release continued. Loudermilk is starting to realize the person who needs the most work is himself.

Season 2 contains 10 half-hour episodes and is created and executive produced by Peter Farrelly and Bobby Mort. Bobby Farrelly, Mark Burg, Bart Peters, and Shane Elrod also serve as executive producers.

Click through the gallery above for a first look at images from the premiere episode, titled “Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except For Me and My Monkey.”

Loudermilk, Season 2 Premiere, October 16, AT&T Audience Network