9 Horror TV Shows You Probably Didn’t Know About

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Slasher (Netflix)

This horror anthology lives up to its title, with each season following a pattern that centers around a group of people and a secret. The recently-released second season follows a group of former summer camp counselors who return to the isolated area to bury a past secret. Instead, they end up in danger when a killer starts to attack them one by one.

Channel Zero

Channel Zero (Syfy)

Another anthology series, this one features seasons inspired by popular horror stories that have been shared around the internet. The current season on Syfy centers on a town haunted by disappearances and the strange rumor that connects them all.


Dark (Netflix)

This Netflix offering is a German language series that focuses on a town where the local children are constantly going missing. It’s set in 2019 but explores storylines from the past that all seem to connect to the town’s central mystery.

Ghost Wars

Ghost Wars (Syfy)

This cable show is set in an Alaskan town that has a small paranormal problem. Avan Jogia plays the lead character who has the power to save the town from these forces and the destruction that comes with them.


Scream (MTV)

A modern take on the classic horror movie franchise, Scream follows a group of people in a small town targeted by a serial killer.

The first two seasons were about the fictional town of Lakewood but the upcoming third season will feature a new setting and characters.


Freakish (Hulu)

This story kicks off in a high school where students have gathered for detention—which quickly turns into their fight for survival. The group has to work together when a chemical plant explodes, leaving them trapped as zombies try to make their way in.

The Exorcist

The Exorcist (FOX)

Another take on a classic horror franchise, The Exorcist is an anthology series about two priests trying to rid possessed victims (and their families) of this demonic invasion.


Lore (Amazon)

Lore follows the original material from the podcast on which it is based: Each episode covers a new horror story, combining actual documentary-style footage with scripted scenes to explore a well-known tale and the history behind it.

From Dusk Till Dawn
El Rey

From Dusk Till Dawn (El Rey)

This series expands on the characters that were initially introduced in the film of the same name. It follows Seth and Richard Gecko on the run. The deal with a series of encounters get them involved with creepy, snakelike creatures.

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It can be hard to find a horror show that manages to be both intelligent and genuinely frightening at the same time.

American Horror Story, Stranger Things, and The Walking Dead are all great examples of those type of TV series, and all have gained well-deserved popularity. But there are other terrifying shows of this caliber that you probably don’t know about—and you definitely should.

Click through the gallery above for 9 horror series to discover and binge right now!

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