8 of Villanelle’s Best One-Liners on ‘Killing Eve’ (PHOTOS)

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“I had quite a heavy period last week, but other than that I think I’m okay.”

You know, aside from all the various murders she’s committed since her last appointment. At this point, why do they bother sending Villanelle for psychiatric evaluations?

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“You should never call a psychopath a psychopath. It upsets them.”

Though this line isn’t funny by itself, what follows it certainly is. Eve asks Villanelle if she’s upset, and the latter gives the former a truly pity-worthy pouty face.

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“Oh, God. You are one of those profound kids.”

Villanelle has a history of not being great with kids (see: Irina and Gabriel), but her interactions with the former gave the Season 1 finale some humor along with suspense.

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“Can we get one thing clear, before we go on with this? Is that a sweater attached to a shirt? Is it two separate pieces? How does it work?”

Villanelle’s asking the important questions, here.

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Gabriel: “You snore, you know.”

Villanelle: “Yeah? Well, your parents are dead!”

When you play the game of insults with Villanelle, you lose or you die. (Or both).

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“I think about you, too. I mean, I masturbate about you a lot.”

What a way to follow Eve’s profound speech about how much she thinks about you, Villanelle!

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“Yes, I am funny.”

And so humble, too!

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Eve: “I have lost two jobs, a husband and a best friend because of you.”
Villanelle: “Yeah, but you got some really nice clothes out of it. So…”

Who needs a job, a husband or a best friend when you have nice clothes and a deadly assassin giving them to you? Right?

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As we’ve seen, Villanelle has a variety of weapons in her arsenal; guns, knives, even hairpins… and a razor-sharp wit.

One of the best things about Killing Eve is how funny the show manages to be, despite the fact that the whole thing revolves around death, assassination and multiple layers of spy organization secrecy. That’s largely thanks to Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer, who portray their characters with just enough humor to make the show funnier than it should be, evoking unexpected laughs in the midst of all the intrigue.

Click through the gallery above for eight of Villanelle’s funniest moments so far.

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